Hologram Of Brit Legend To Be Unveiled

A mysterious hologram of a British music legend will be unveiled this weekend, but no one knows who it will be. Can you guess?

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The British company Musion who produced the infamous Tupac illusion at Coachella this year are tight lipped about the new creation.

It will be unveiled in London as part of the "Best Of Britannia" event that will take place each night from October 5-7.

Revered songwriter Guy Chambers said of the event (via NME): "British music talent is the best in the world because we take more risks, we embrace new genres, we aren't scared to be original and we have the confidence of an incredible pop heritage, I look forward to showcasing the best of British talent at BOB 2012".

Following the Tupac performance last year, rumors of similar holograms for Amy Winehouse, Freddy Mercury, Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain were reported.

However, many music fans (including many UG readers) criticised the new technology. Even the Tupac creator James Rock admitted that the so-called holograms could never replace a real performance.

"I don't think we'll ever replace going and seeing a live performance", said Rock. "But don't forget that the world's a very big place. I think this will end up with something like this 'Do you go to the theatre or do you go to the cinema?'"

It's an interesting discussion point, and we want to hear what you think.

Will culture find a place for the new hologram technology? Who might the hologram turn out to be? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    'Whoever' it is, why don't you just broadcast it above their grave while you're at it?
    It's gotta be Freddie. Remember during the olympic closing ceremony when Queen played, they had that huge video screen of Freddie doing his 'sing along with me' bit? That was the teaser...
    Cliff Richard has been living life as a hologram for the last 20 years. The guy's never gonna die.
    Going to go with Sir Frederick of Mercury, mainly because May and Taylor can't take their noses out of the feeding trough they put on his grave years ago
    Lol be more bad ass if they did john bonham , but im guessing its going to be john lennon, or freddie
    What would be awesome if they could make a projector for home use that can project Hologram concerts! Dead or alive old or Young
    This is what im thinking. That maybe in another 10 years or so when the technology has progressed more, that instead of streaming a concert on a computer or whatever, that you will be able to stream a hologram of it, or watch it at a theater or something. Imagine being able to watch a big festival like Download live in hologram anywhere in the world. If they do something like this with the technology, then im all for it, but as far as recreating dead artists or things like that, its a waste.
    more than likely amy winehouse, i believe her father said something about it earlier this summer
    Syd Barrett! Not gonna happen but one day... It's gonna be John Lennon I hope
    It's definitely Freddie Mercury, he was a singing king and concert master.
    Seeing as they got a comment from Guy Chambers, it could well be Robbie Williams. Correct me if I haven't read (and re-read) the article properly, but they didn't mention that the person had to be dead.
    It's gotta be Freddie Mercury. It could be Amy Winehouse but I don't think they'd do that to Lennon.
    As long as it's not Freddie Mercury or some pop/rap star I'm... well I was about to say happy but to be honest I couldn't care less.