Holograms of John Lennon, Freddie Mercury and Jimi Hendrix Confirmed

3D holograms of the stars have been officially confirmed, after months of speculation that they would be brought back from the dead in digital form.

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New hologram technology will be used to bring back a series of major rock stars, including Freddie Mercury, Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon. They will appear in 3D holographic form at a brand new museum in London called the Music Hall of Fame. Visitors will be able to 'perform' with the stars, and purchase footage of their fictional jam session on DVD. It won't just feature deceased stars like those listed above; living music idols will also appear in the museum, though none have been confirmed. The museum's project manager Lee Bennett told the Evening Standard (via NME): "You could be transported back to a specific moment of music or play with artists who are no longer alive, even playing back-to-back with a hologram. I was at Coachella watching Tupac and it blew people's minds." Would the attraction tempt you to visit if you were in London? Or would you prefer to see these holograms on stage? Let us know in the comments.

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    They tried to include Axl Rose,but the hologram didn't like the projector and left.
    How about instead of doing these things, they do the exact opposite of these things. Specifically, not doing them at all.
    I agree, but if they feel so strongly about re-animating these guys, at least make it a concert like the Tupac thing. Don't just have these awesome people be oogled by posers and weirdos.
    I seriously think the next step is to just go Futurama and save every celebrity's head in a jar...
    Why is it possible to do this and have people 'perform' with the holograms, but Metallica couldn't get a Cliff hologram for Through the Never?
    Why is everybody so angry? It wil just be like watching a dvd concert, but in 3D and live-size.
    holographic technology is cool. so why not?
    Heck, why not just keep cloning Hendrix then? Because it's wrong. And it's wrong for a bunch of reasons. It discounts the value of the performances the artist actually gave during their life. "Weren't alive when Hendrix played Woodstock? No biggie, you can relive the moment via Hologram Hendrix!" It also further diminishes the impact and prospects of contemporary artists because they are now not only competing against their peers, but artists who are dead and gone. This is already true from a catalog perspective, but would then be true from a live performance aspect as well. This definitely falls into the category of things which can be done, but shouldn't be done.
    I really understand where you are coming from, but I somewhat disagree. I don't think anything will take away from the performances these artists did while they were alive. They are so important for what they did already. For example... Lets say they butchered the Hendrix hologram and it looks like a freaking Chuck E. Cheese animatronic. No one is going to think badly of Hendrix specifically because of the hologram. Or at least I hope they don't. I think if they really nail the holograms then it'll open up a bigger audience for that artist. People go to see cover bands all the time and think the holograms should be treated like that. I'm a little more concerned with the "living idols" that are going to be made holograms. If these Holograms are really disrespectful, then who's to say something like Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience isn't? I paid to see that and the coolest part was when he plays Moby Dick "with" his dad.
    The thing is, would (for example) Hendrix want the owner of his estate (who happens to be his sister) to be profiteering off of hologram performances? I doubt it.
    I don't see why this is such a bad thing. For most of us on this forum who didn't have the opportunity to see Jimi or Freddie live, this provides a really cool experience. Younger generations are going to be able to see the showmanship and live performance aspect of these guys that had a huge roll on why they were so good.
    If you think seeing a hologram perform will help you to understand why Jimi/Freddie Mercury were brilliant performers, you clearly don't understand what makes a performance good...
    It's disrespectful, at the end of the day, this would just be used to squeeze even more money out of a name, no matter how they try to word the experience. The artists in question wouldn't want that at all.
    I'm willing to bet that there's no way a hologram concert would be anything like an actual Jimi Hendrix/Freddie Mercury/John Lennon performance.
    Clever idea - plenty of rich retards about to drop money on having their picture done next to a freaking hologram. The only hologram I'd be interesting in meeting is named "Arnold Rimmer".
    I think it's a very cool idea. I could never get the chance to see Jimi Hendrix live so this would be a close second. It's not disrespectful or squeezing money from music fan, it's spreading good music
    I hate to burst your bubble, but the reality is that almost every big idea in the world is about money. Entertainment is no safe area away from that. It sucks, but that's just the way the world is.
    If its the right price (like 25$) I am defiantly going to see Jimi Hendrik. Even if it overpriced i still think its a cool idea.
    NO! Just f*ckin' no. It won't resurrect them. Leave the past and concentrate at the present.
    Can someone please explain to me the whole problem with it. Everything that I've read on this thread are just saying it's disrespectful to the artist. But how is it disrespectful? It's paying tribute to them.
    We are nearing a time that we can clone people. Why hologram when you can clone? Does that explain some of it...at least my opinion
    I think you've explained why people would rather hologram than clone in your comment under. A lot of people are against it, including myself, because its morally wrong. Holograms are harmless
    I don't see the big issue here. It's in a museum so it's almost like a statue of the digital variety. Although I'm not very keen on getting a DVD of your performance. That detail makes it seem more like one of those Las Vegas green screen stands.
    The big issue is that it seems strictly about making money, and less about honoring these artists
    Why are a lot of people so against this technology? The fact that we can do this now should be appreciated but yet because its our heroes we choose not to?
    Maybe if the current state of music wasn't s**t, they could leave the past alone
    Maybe if people stopped glorifying the past we could actually focus on the good stuff of the present.
    Do you realize, that in terms of musical variety available, there's more than ever before? How does that make the "current state of music" shit?
    I feel like they need to keep reliving the past in the world of rock, because there apparently it is not marketable. So they need some sort of gimmick. I understand what your saying, I was merely aluding to the explosion of emotionless and robotic Pop music that rules the air waves.
    It would be great to make these artist in "hologram" form but am i the only one conflicted they are not doing this for the Gorillaz? anyone?
    The Gorillaz have already done it. Look up Plastic Beach tour and your mind will be blown
    Its called a live performance because the performers are putting they're heart and living soul in the music. In holograms, there is no heart and soul. It would be a waste of money and disrespectful to do such thing.
    Will the John Lennon hologram jump in the crowd and beat up the women?? **** john lennon
    The ones who they should focus on bring back in 3D Hologram are Elvis, Cliff Burton, Janice Joplin, and the one and only DIMEBAG DARRELL. Just saying.