Howard Jones Reveals Specific Reasons Behind Leaving Killswitch Engage

artist: Killswitch Engage date: 06/11/2014 category: music news
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Howard Jones Reveals Specific Reasons Behind Leaving Killswitch Engage
Howard Jones has revealed the reasons that he left Killswitch Engage. As the singer told Revolver (via Metal Injection), anxiety issues, rather than anything more salacious, were a catalyst for his departure:

"There was nothing wrong with Killswitch or the relationship. Everything was wrong with me. I was going insane. It never occurred to me to get help. For years, I just tried to fight through it and I was driving those guys berserk. My anxiety was building and building, and near the end, there were a lot of times I'd sit in the back of the bus or lay in my bunk for hours on end without speaking to anyone. Even the idea of having to do a meet and greet freaked me out."

As Jones notes, his anxiety issues resulted in him having a complete mental breakdown:

"I physically and mentally couldn't get onstage. I had a complete mental breakdown. We were in Florida, and over the few days of taking the drive down there, I felt like I was suffering this critical pain. Just the thought of going out in front of people made me panic. I couldn't do it."

When asked about rumors that he had left Killswitch Engage because he got a porn star pregnant, Jones responded:

"I have no comment. I know nothing of what you're talking about."

The singer also discussed his issues with Diabetes, noting that he has managed to regulate his blood sugar levels through exercise and proper diet:

"I'm doing fantastic now - better than I have in years. The diabetes is completely under control. I'm doing lots of exercise and eating better than ever and my blood sugar has basically regulated itself. My doctor couldn't believe it."
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