I Didn't Split Beatles, Says Yoko

artist: Yoko Ono date: 01/04/2011 category: music news
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John Lennon's widow Yoko Ono insists she was not responsible for the split of the Beatles in 1970, even both she and her husband had to deal with the fact she was blamed for it. And although she spent many years being hated, she believes hiding from fans' anger was never a real choice for her. Speaking soon after the 30th anniversary of Lennon's murder in 1980, Ono tells the Daily Mail: When I met John I was blamed for breaking up the Beatles, I was blamed for ruining John and I was painted as a dragon. People didn't speak to me or they were rude to my face. It did hurt and it was tough. I had to deal with that. John had to deal with that. I could have turned and run but that was never an option. Every day I told myself I was lucky because I'd met the man I loved, I wasn't starving, I wasn't ill and there was no bomb in my house. I just had to get through it. I had to find the strength inside me, inside the two of us. It was a great learning curve. The Beatles were a group made up of four very complex men my small hand could not have broken those men up. They broke up because they'd reached an end; but in doing so they all created wonderful new beginnings. Ono says the strength she learned to use has been important all through her life, including dealing with her daughter's kidnap in 1971 and Lennon's affair in 1973, alongside his murder seven years later. She explains: You can't plan in life you just have to do the best with what life gives you. John taught me to laugh a lot at life, and I do. It would have been better if he hadn't died but you can't sit and cry. These are things life throws at you and you have to learn to overcome them. You have to try to make good from bad. After he died, our son Sean and I would just sit together every anniversary on December 8 and be sad. Ten years ago we set up a foundation and now we celebrate his death and we've raised money to build 85 schools. That's a lot of little children who are being directly helped by John. Thanks for the RockAAA.com.
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