Ian Watkins' Appeal to Shorten Prison Term Is Rejected

Lostprophets man's case to be heard in Cardiff.

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Former Lostprophets frontman has had his appeal to shorten his prison sentence for a string of child sex offences rejected, Gigwise reports.

Watkins was sentenced to 35 years in prison in December 2013, after he admitted charges of attempting to rape a baby, as well as the sexual assault of a child under 13. He also admitted three counts of sexual assault involving children and six involving taking, making and possessing indecent images of children and one of possessing an extreme pornographic image involving a sex act on an animal. He was convicted alongside two women who were involved in him attempting to abuse their infant children.

Now, Huffington Post reports that three appeal court judges sitting in Cardiff have heard his appeal to have his prison sentence cut - and found that he has "no grounds for appeal."

Another woman who was sentenced in connection with the crimes will also have her appeal heard today.

His former bandmates have since moved on to form new group No Devotion - not only slamming Watkins as a "f--king c--t" for his crimes, but also vowing to never play Lostprophets songs ever again.

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    Woah woah woah.. this piece of shit thought he could get a reduced sentence? What the ****
    I haven't seen anything to imply he's not 110% delusional. I'd expect him to appeal for anything he thinks he can get.
    Haha, the guy is demented. Check out this quote from after he pleaded guilty to it all he changed his plea at the last minute - averting a trial - but then complained he had not realised that his guilty plea had made him “look guilty”. The man has so many loose screws im surprised he doesnt rattle as he walks.
    This is the same guy whose laptop password was "i****kids" and described the whole debacle as "megalolz" mind, I wouldn't put it past him to try and get his sentence reduced.
    keep him in there til he expires.
    He was on suicidal watch... I say give him the rope to hang himself. No one will forgive him if he gets out of prison.
    Jaden Smith
    Yes, let the swine rot like the winds of old! This fart ****a thinks he can get out early for these appalling crimes!? Nay, sir me doth think noth. Give me a good chance and I'll stick a bag of lemons and four whole chickens up his arse! I'am the son of William!
    Nah, that makes things far too easy for him. Give him the longest and most miserable existence you can inflict upon a human being.
    "His former bandmates have since moved on to form new group No Devotion - not only slamming Watkins as a "f--king c--t" for his crimes, but also vowing to never play Lostprophets songs ever again." That last sentence is really saddening though... I'm in no way supporting Ian for what he has done, but they had some really good tunes that shouldn't be ignored. Congratulations Ian...
    I don't blame them. They probably don't want to be dubbed as "the guys who played in a band with a pedo" for the rest of their lives, and playing Lostprophets songs would only remind their audiences that they did.
    Agree. One thing is what these scumbag did and another is the music that Lostprophets created. I Still like Lostprophets a lot and it'll be such a shame that those great tunes wont be ever played again, they should giveit a try with Geoff in No Devotion, it may be sick!
    I think part of the reason they won't play any Losptrophets stuff, minus the stigma attached to that name, is probably because Ian would likely still get royalties from the stuff he wrote.
    No kidding sir. I say draw and quarter Ian's sorry ass and be done with him. There is rehabilitating him. To the members of No Devotion...please don't deny and punish your fans! We completely condemn Watkins but we love your LP tunes!
    Every time we have to see this sick piece of trash in news he should get time added to his sentence.
    The guy will probably kill himself after going out... He is already doomed anyway
    If he does get out, I hope it's the very first thing he does... But, that being said, I don't want him to get out.
    Why waste tax dollars feeding this maggot?? For the cost of a bullet, hes outta the picture
    bullets are still too expensive and not as gratifying for this scum. a good, old fashion, slow and agonizing lynching is what this pos deserves.
    Please don't use promo shots of this piece of scum, only his mugshot should be used.
    I swear this was news some time ago, though that may be when he was going to appeal, not when it happened. It's funny how he thought he would get a shorter sentence though...
    GOOD he's staying in jail and good for the rest of lostprophets with moving on...they don't deserve this bullshit...this dude makes me ****ing sick
    happy it was rejected! to think after all that(and no doubt more offenses that haven't been documented), he'd hope for a reduced sentence? why, coz he thought he was famous or something?...hope that fvcker gets r4ped with a shank by a dozen inmates and left to die bleeding. waste of fkn life pos.