Ian Watkins Appealing Against Jail Sentence Length, Reportedly Believes Being the Victim

Convicted pedophile claims his 35-year prison sentence is too high.

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Convicted pedophile and former Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins has applied for a permission to leave jail so he could file an appeal against his 35-year sentence for a string of child sex offenses.

As BBC reports, the Court of Appeal has confirmed that an application was lodged on January 21. Watkins was sentenced last month alongside two women, the mothers of babies he abused known only as Woman A and Woman B. They were jailed for 14 and 17 years respectively for allowing Watkins to perform deviant acts, as well as taking part in the abuse.

The singer's ex-girlfriend Joanna Mjadzelic told Mirror that Watkins still likely believes he is the victim in the entire situation, describing his decision to appeal as "shameless."

"I think in his mind he may think it is some sort of injustice because the two women in the case got shorter sentences than he did," Mjadzelic said. "This is just shameless, it just shows that Ian really isn't ashamed of a what he has done at all."

According to the same source, Ian was already relocated from the notorious Wakefield prison, a home to some of Britain's most disturbing criminals known as the Monster Mansion. The singer is now serving his sentence in the Long Lartin prison in Worcestershire so he can be closer to his mother.

"Watkins could not take it in Wakefield and was quickly moved down to Long Lartin so he could be near his mum," an unnamed insider said. "I can't believe they would pander to a sick pervert like that - he is nothing but a pathetic mummy's boy but he won't have life any easier at Long Lartin with some of the evil characters in there. Although I'm sure he'll fit right in."

Following his sentencing, Watkins described the entire matter as "mega lolz" to a female fan. "I'm going to put out a statement on the 18th just to say it was mega lolz," he said. "I do not know what everybody is getting so freaked out about."

The vocalist's comment additionally inspired a certain fan to have Watkins' face tattooed on his leg along with words "mega lolz."

The pedophile finally said he will go down in history as a "rock god," but will likely never make it out of prison alive. "Whatever happens to me I'll go down in history as a rock god to my fans," he noted. "I'll live on for them through my music. I know I am a marked man and that scares the s--t out of me. If someone does get me inside they'll become a star just like me."

More details on Watkins' disturbing crime here.

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    He is growing comfortable being his true self after being arrested, no signs of remorse or empathy for his victims, delusions of grandeur..markings of a true sociopath. The 35 years should be served in complete isolation.
    What I want to know is how did he not get life without the possibility of parole? He's never shown signs of remorse as DickHardwood has said. No amount of time in jail is going to rehabilitate him. So let him rot and die in there. Sick, sick man.
    In the UK, a no parole sentence would probably be overturned as "against his human rights"! At least he can be turned down for parole and (hopefully) kept inside permanently!!
    If in complete isolation, how will he get absolutely pulled apart by his fellow inmates? Which, by the way, is what will likely happen, so it doesn't really matter how long his sentence is.
    Nah, he doesn't deserve the outlet of death. Imagine spending 35 years locked in a cell with no human contact whatsoever. That'd be more fitting.
    The guy with the tattoo is just as f***** up as Watkins
    He's not though is he. He got a tattoo for shock value. Watkins ****ed children.
    If it was just for shock value he ought to have the balls to have his identity printed alongside it....
    Is it possible they're so deluded they think he didn't do it and that he thinks it's funny because he didn't? Don't get me wrong, Watkins is one of the sickest ****s I've heard of in a few years, completely scumbag, but I know a lot of these crazy fans and they often seem pretty damaged anyway.
    Later his lawyer pulled him a side and said "You know you raped a baby, right?"
    How could someone even try to defend him? I know the lawyer doesn't always get to chose his cases but my God imagine having to try defend him.
    This is just more evidence that he is an unrepentant sociopath. I hope his appeal gets turned down.
    He is right in a way, they didn't give him a fair sentence. If it was fair, it would be for life.
    I'd say Watkins oughta get raped to see how it feels but I have a feeling he would just enjoy it.
    Mr Winters
    It must be awful to be anyone in his family or former band right now. They must be thinking "****, I thought I knew this man"
    Those last few lines just goes to show his narcissistic and sociopath mind isn't living on the same planet as the rest of us. It is truly disturbing. What leads a human being to commit such horrific crimes?
    He's the victim? Right. I'd like to hear him say that again when some of these kids lose their minds when they get older
    im not a violent person.. but i hope theres a violent end to his life. theres no sympathy for someone who can do what he did to those innocent children.
    The nerve of this sick sociopathic... I can't even begin to describe how disgusted I am. Let him rot. Forever.
    I find it funny how he took (I'm guessing) illegal drugs, distributing photos of prn to people and to actually do what he did to a baby and still say that he's the victim. No way is he going to get the appeal. He is, and I quote, 'Better Off Dead'.
    Out of all his crimes, doing illegal drugs is on par with child molestation? Man I should be locked up for using marijuana and psilocybin (mushrooms) with all those child molesters despite never committing any other crimes. I am a danger to society for what I do in my free time in the privacy of my own home. Who cares that I am successful and productive like a normal citizen, I used drugs and am a horrible person. It doesn't matter that I have MS and they help with some of my symptoms!
    No I'm saying how ironic it is that Watkins is claiming that he is the victim... I'm in no way supporting him or saying which is worse. Please read what I said.
    What the **** is this about him moving closer to his mother? Are they serious? The guy should be forced to live in isolation with the only possible human contact he can have being the prisoners who want to shank him
    Rock god? I never heard of this guy until all this stuff happened.
    Mr Winters
    "I never heard about this guy, so he's totally a no-one" Lostprophets were BIG in the UK.
    The UK is only a small segment of the world. Most people in Australia have never heard of them
    They were massive in the western world for music in from 2000 onwards. Everywhere you go, you would have been able to turn on a radio and listen to them on the charts (before RnB and pop took over).
    as a human being he is disgusting, complete zero. but Lostprophets was such a great band. so he's right about being remembered for the music. I often listen to the albums: start something and liberation, even knowing that the singer deserves to die
    Thank you for being the one brave person on here. I was hoping id see one sane comment. Sadly, after stumbling across the news story months ago on UG, I discovered Lostprophets music. They are currently one of my favorite bands ive ever listened too. I had no idea that had so many great rock songs, full of melodic hooks and anthem like choruses. Yes, I'm somewhat ashamed that this is how I discovered them and dissapointed that I will now never see them live. But damn, this band is really really good.
    I thought their most recent album was decent, sounded like they went back to Liberation Transmission. Now that Watkins, the lead singer, has screwed it all up, I highly doubt that we are ever going to find out if they were going to get better...
    Has to be a PR stunt to make him disappear, surface someplace else with a new identity and live a normal life because he could not take stardom or owes someone a fortune or such. Nobody does what this guy is supposed to have done and then is like this with a straight face, I mean, *come on*.
    He can appeal as much as he like. Ain't gonna change his sentence. If anything his attitude now should reinforce why he's in there. -_-
    Well, Lost Prophets werent that great anyway, i feel for those children, and I hope someone shanks his punk ass but not b-4 suffering in the pokey
    Long Lartin is visible from where I grew up and I've heard some of the stories about the place... he'll be lucky to still be breathing in the next five years.
    It sure is saddening that some people actually clicked on the 'like' button for this article, as if to support him.
    "I do not know what everybody is getting so freaked out about." well... YOU FUCKED A BABY, DUDE!