Ian Watkins Denies Child Rape Charges

The Losprophets singer appeared in court yesterday and "furiously denied" all charges relating to his arrest for alleged child sex offences.

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Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins has denied several child sex offences charges being made against him, including conspiracy to rape a one-year-old and possessing indecent images of children.

His solicitor made the statement during a court appearance in Cardiff, Wales yesterday (via NME):

"Mr Watkins furiously denies all of the charges and allegations made. He intends to fight to the bitter end to clear his name. He wishes to thank the fans, family and friends for the constant love and support they have given and continue to give throughout this testing time."

Two women, aged 20 and 24, face similar charges related to Watkin's alleged offences.

The singer appeared before the court via video link, having been remanded in custody since December when his arrest surprised and shocked the rock world. The case has now been adjourned until July 15.

The other members of Lostprophets are understandably taking a break, and in December posted a short statement:

"Following charges made against Ian Watkins, we find ourselves in a state of shock. We are learning about the details of the investigation along with you. It is a difficult time for us and our families, and we want to thank our fans for their support as we seek answers."

Meanwhile, South Wales Police are being investigated to find out whether they failed to take fast enough action over information that led to Watkin's arrest.

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    Even if he was found completely innocent, sadly in the society we live in he and his fellow bandmates will never shake off this image.
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    His bandmates would probably be more than able to start a new band and carry on musically. The name 'Lostprophets' and Ian himself however are screwed whether or not this turns out to be true. It should be against the law in itself to plaster these kinds of storys anywhere the public can view them considering people with this kind of career are pretty much ****ed whether or not it turns out to be true. It should stay quite until a verdict is given in court.
    Yeah it is daft that the media is allowed to talk about the cases of people and that the police are the ones that provide them with the information. Completely agree with you.
    It says he was charged, not convicted. Now here's the thing, even if he didn't molest anyone he still possessed child pornography. There are sick people who will take advantage of a child's innocence because they feed on it and then there are "opportunist offenders" who will make a child do weird shit because they know guys like this go nut's for the pictures. It's pretty much legal to have naked pictures of kids as long as they are "tasteful" or "for art" the fact that it says indecent means that he had some sick stuff. My wife has a naked picture of our daughter in the bath and no one would call it child so weather or not he rapes kids he condones it and possibly get's off on it. If a regular guy has child pornography busted he get's put on a sex offender has to notify everyone in the area when moving and ends up on a map of perverts. You're saying that because this guy sings he should get special treatment? You're taking about sexual predator that travels as part of his job. Where he could find new prey daily and vanish to a new hunting ground and new prey the next day. Instead of jail maybe he could be monitored 24/7 and take counseling. I'm not going to tell you what band to like but child pornographers are the scum of the earth. Imagine, I get caught with a bag of weed... "Officer I don't smoke weed" posession is still illegal and regardless the intent, no one can deny my posession meaning at the very least I at least condone others to use marijuana and you defending him condones children to be taken advantage of too. There are somethings which should not be rights. Particularly those that violate others. Get a clue.
    @fromzero your comment should have been voted up instead of down. Sure, no verdict has been given yet. But to everyone talking about planted evidence: please give a motive for someone doing this. Perfectly fine to point out that no verdict has been given, but please look at what has been released so far and stop pulling things out of your ass in defense of this man. Some of the things you people are bringing up in defense of this man are not as common as you seem to think they are. Fromzero is right. If he was in possession of child pornography he deserves to be punished and supported an industry that victimizes children. Shame on whatever sick **** downvoted him for pointing out that this industry victimizes children.
    In our society? Honestly doesn't seem so hard to imagine he shakes it off fine. PR is one hell of a product.
    Micheal Jackson would like a word with you, unfortunately he can't talk anymore. Found innocent in repeated cases half the world still believes he was a pedophile.
    All due respect to MJ, if he didn't do absolutely idiotic things like dangle his kid over a balcony in front of the press, he might have had a better shot at cleaning the mess up.
    Yeah, because I'm sure R Kelly is still suffering even though he has a sex tape with him and a child. Last I checked he is writing the new national anthem LOL
    I really hope you don't believe the second part of what you said.
    I don't expect you to read my mind, but there was a ridiculous UG article last week on it
    Well his song Ignition has been put forward as a new national anthem jokingly, but the petition is actually gaining momentum. Go figure.
    Even if he is innocent of molestation he was still caught red handed with child pornography. That is still sexual abuse. It is still a crime. Those children are victims of mental, physical and emotional abuse. Weather he took the photos or bought them he is supporting an industry of sexual terrorists. Instead of be thrown in jail he needs be sent to a mental institute.
    I hope that this is untrue because if it is true people will have been seriously harmed by him.
    I do agree with you (RadioTape that is none of these narrow minded people). However which ever way you look at this whether he is guilty or innocent this could be the end of lostprophets simply for Ian going through all of this.....
    Well , regardless the truth, this articles' picture of him Does make him look like a ****ing pedophile scumbag...His face expression clearly says : "hey, do you come to this kindergarten often?"
    It was also taught in kindergarten that you don't judge a book by its cover. You could learn something from those kids...So, wait until he's proven guilty. Or is that above your comprehension?
    Sh!t. Wether it is true or false, damage is done in one way or another anyhow.
    Even if his name is cleared, he's always going to be known as "that guy"
    I loved the album start something. It was a verry important step for me as far as getting into rock and metal. Before that it was christian praise music..... I hope he is innocent, and that this is some hige miss understanding.
    Innocent until proven guilty people. Shame the image will stick regardless if he is found innocent.
    To be honest, he's in a bit of a deep hole from now on. Even if he gets cleared of any and all charges, there will still be a) the cloud hanging over him and his band due to this and b) a small group of ball-aches who will believe he is guilty no matter what which will inevitably lead to reputation damage however this goes. Shame really, seen them live twice and they were an incredible act, and nice guys.
    Well, DUH he would deny it. You're absolutely retarded if you admit to something like that.
    You beat me to it. He's hardly going to show up at the trial and go "lol, yeah that was me"
    Give him the chair if this is true. I have no time for this shit no matter who you are. O hope the rest feel the same way.
    I really can't believe the amount of people here who are saying that there is nothing wrong with having a sexual desire for children. You disgust me. If you think there's nothing wrong with a person looking at child pornography just because the viewer isn't raping children you need to think about the children that were exploited so sick people like that can beat off to it. Absolutely disgusting.
    Looking at kiddie porn is a form of acting on paedophilia. As long as they either keep their desires to themselves, or seek help getting rid of said desires, I do not see a problem.
    I really hope this all isn't true, but every time I read something about this, I can only think about one thing: How you "conspire" to rape a one-year-old? Don't you just...ya know, do it?
    It is probably easy to not be associated with this kind of thing. The fact that he has been connected remotely enough for any Justice Department to lay charges mean he is in a little to deep for my liking. Though I could be proved so increadibly wrong by someone massive practical joke...and I wouldn't be laughing.
    There's one word for people like him: Scum.
    You are one of the reasons the law system in most countries doesnt work like its supposed to. Being accused =/= being guilty.
    But what evidence is actually out there? From what I've gathered (and correct me if I'm wrong) it's pretty damning against him. Even with tons of evidence, people with some fame have got off with charges. Does that make them innocent because a jury decided so? And I mean actually innocent, not just innocent in the eyes of the law. While you are 100% correct that you shouldn't immediately jump to the conclusion that someone accused of something is guilty, if the evidence is there then it's there. Like I said, I'm not entirely sure so if someone knows more about what was actually found by the police then I'd be happy to hear.
    They found pictures of underage girls in his possession, yeah you're right he isn't guilty of anything wrong!
    Who is this "they" that found these pictures? Were you there when said pictures were found? Have you seen this evidence yourself? Have you ever heard the phrase "planting evidence?" Do you believe everything you read? Or are you just basing your opinion on an article you read on the internet?
    Possessing pictures of underage girls was, last I checked, not a crime, nor evidence of a crime. If it were, everyone with a picture of their teenage daughter in their possession would be guilty.
    Pretty sure you know what he meant, no need to point out that he didn't say "naked" before "underage girls"
    Depends on what the underage girls are wearing and / or doing in the pictures. I can only assume that the pics were indecent. As to whether or not they truly belonged to Ian remains to be seen.
    "Indecent images of children" I think that's a pretty clear indication of what the images showed
    He hasnt been proven guilty dude calm down... If it turns out he is then fair enough go nuts
    Hows is he scum? If you believe this to be true then you clearly don't understand that he maybe has been born with an Ilness. I know two people I work with who suffer from child pedophilia, and they are still nice men who have to live with something and are now just walking jokes? People have to understand... there are more sexual alternatives to being striahgt or gay that walk side by side with us. Its different but they are not "scum".
    Except most people (it's over 80%) who sexually abuse children don't have the mental disorder known as paedophelia. I did a report on it a couple semesters ago. Even if Watkins DID have paedophelia, it's not a license to rape children.
    if you're implying that pedophilia is on a par with being straight or gay then wow...you are sooooo mistaken...and you can shove your twisted sense of political correctness up your ass.
    It's definitely not on par. However, if we assume that sexual orientation is not something one chooses, i don't see why the attraction itself would be anything you would judge people by.
    Yeah, as much as people hate to admit it, paedophilia is usually down to a mental health problem. Unlike many violent crimes where it's down to bad personal choices and upbringing, if someone's turned on by kids that's a problem in their head. They don't wake up one day and decide to fancy children. As for actually going out and committing disgusting acts on children, that's a different issue.
    Pedophilia is not a sexual orientation , it's SEXUAL ABUSE. In pedophilia YOU DO NOT HAVE A PARTNER, YOU HAVE A VICTIM!!! Lot's of women who are lesbian we're either hurt by men one too many times or have a hormone imbalance. Lot's of gay men have a chemical imbalance or were sexually abused in some way or another but they are still consentual partners. This is not the case in rape / pedophilia. It's about feeling ultimately powerful and many VICTIMS are often left with bloody, mutilated genitals. Most sexual predators were also victims at a young age or were the object of ridicule from peer's and/or family. It's hard coded in our DNA for a many to want to procreate with a woman to reproduce, to make sure that his gene's survive. A woman's to find the strongest trait's and provider / protector for them. However when someone has an attraction to a child, there is something wrong upstairs. To take it a step further and force an innocent youth into something that will haunt them for life, to do this for the sensation of supreme power because in actuality they are powerless and demented, that is incredibly wrong and they should seek medical attention immediately. To say that they are nice people well I'm not buying but if you truly care about them, get them REAL help. An arsonist can be nice, a serial killer can show compassion, a rapist can be capable of love but there is a reason why some people are institutionalized. They are not ready to be a part of society. They usually only produce adrenaline and/or dopamine when their twisted pleasure and reward centers witness suffering and/or helplessness. Pedophilia is not a a sexual orientation, neither is necrophilia or bestiality. They are mental illnesses. To consider pedophilia a sexual orientation is them same to consider rape and torture an orientation. There is a reason why it's called "SEXUAL ABUSE". nuff said.
    Take a psychology class. Pedophilia is an orientation. Hence why people that molest children don't care if the child is male or female. Because a straight or gay orientation doesn't come into play. And being a pedophile isn't the same thing as being a rapist. Why? Because some pedophiles don't act on their desires. Molesting a child is obviously terrible. But having inappropriate thoughts about them can't be helped.
    Having thought's doesn't make you a pedophile. Acting on them does. I used to work at the mall and I seen a girl that was smokin hot, killer body, the works. I started to chat her up thinking by the way she's dressed, with that hair and makeup she's at least 19 (I was 25) and she say's to me 15. I told her to have a nice day. Does that make me a pedo? However if I seduced a 15 yr old knowingly, I would be.
    right about now the government is checking the computers of anyone that -1'd this for child porn. Go ahead, defend him. Condone collecting pictures of kid's that were abused. That makes you a pedophile too. Of course fan's will try to defend him, as if they know him so that they don't feel "guilt" or "scammed" for supporting someone who does something in which they don't support. The other half want to go out and baby rap along side the bastard.
    oh cmon bro, like you dont have any kiddy porn on your hard drive! puh-lease!
    thats what Im getting at. Its not ones choice. If you were to just meet the man I work with you would understand my reasoning. He's just like anyone elses father and this man seems like he wants to control it. He has a beautiful wife and children, and just wants to take care of them and love them. If pedophiles really love than there not out to hurt them, its just immoral to us because the child is not developed to make a choice for temselves. Im just trying to make people more educated is all, so many people are so scared to even talk about it just like our nation was once prejudice about gays now we understand due to tv shows that they are no different than what striaght people think is normal. I think as long as a pedophile tries as hard as possible to control their habits then the guy is just as straight as me. We are all born with a CONCIOUS.
    I think he's pointing out they're all different forms of sexual orientation. Obviously acting on paedophilia is a different issue than acting of homosexuality.
    Illness or not people still know the difference between right and wrong and are perfectly capable of seeking professional help. The second someone stops fantasizing and starts either downloading kiddie porn or conspiring to rape a child then they are scum who deserve to be put in a cell for the rest of their life.... Or shot on sight...
    Trial by media: much more convenient than actual justice... I hope he hasn't done any of these things but if he has, the truth will come out eventually.
    dude, he's innocent. he can get any hot 14 year old he wants, why would he need babyporn?
    the easiest way to discredit someone for the rest of their lives is to portray them as "alleged" child molesters. they will never wash that away even if it's proved to be completely untrue. on the other hand is anyone wants to rape a one year old or any other minor (or simply any person for that matter) should get his balls put between two bricks and squashed.
    This issue of 'ruining reputation' with accusations is exactly the reason Savile was never investigated or prosecuted. Since we live in a democracy with open-courts based on a jury of peers I will reserve speculation and leave judgement to the judges, however; the evidence clearly bares investigation. No one is immune from accusation or investigation, no matter how famous or successful they are.
    TBH I don't trust his story but if in regards of people girls would want to claim to be raped by, he's probably in the top 10.
    Edit. nvm i misread.
    Hey, check it out. jebbe9696 must be robo37's other account, but he forgot he switched over before he commented again.
    I don't even know what nvm means. Nevermind? *shrugs*
    Robo37- I hereby declare you guilty of identity fraud and sentence you TO DEATH by cancellation of your UG profile(s). Dewitt- UG Level Up +3! You've got a good head on your shoulders, kid. LMAO....I had to say it. lol
    Think what you will, but i find it pretty amusing how wrong you are Not that i even understand why you think that :/
    It was a joke. Lighten the fugg up. I could care less about what your activities are, here on UG. That's between you and your other profile hahaha
    Pretty stupid to judge someone based on rumours and stuff. We really can't know how things actually are. He's innocent without evidence. Hopefully it's not true.
    Does anyone else wonder why Watkins' name is made public, but the other 2 people in this case have had their names witheld??
    And herein lies the problem with trying to convict any celebrity ever: Ian Watkins would normally be entitled to anonymity at his own discretion, however, he's famous, and not everyone in the justice system sticks rigorously to principle when you've got a story this valuable. The problem being that it taints the case, normal procedure goes out the window and the case becomes a media circus. No matter what the outcome, a shadow of doubt will be cast upon it by the lack of discretion in this case. God willing the court will manage to work around the media spin; delivering a fair and unbiased verdict based on available evidence. Justice is all too malleable, so a high profile case like this is a good yardstick for the reliability of our justice system.
    Not sure about there, but in Canada, they build a case for years and are sure before they even come after you.