Ian Watkins Jailed for 35 Years

The disgraced Lostprophets singer showed no remorse as he was sentenced, despite reports that more victims could emerge from the investigation.

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Disgraced Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins has been jailed for 35 years after admitting to 13 sex offences, including the attempted rape of a baby. Onlookers saw him shaking uncontrollably as he was given the long sentence, with cheers from those viewing the sentencing in court. Two females aged 21 and 25 were given 14 and 17 years in jail for playing a part in some of the offences. They all pleaded guilty, and cannot be named for legal reasons. Among his crimes, Watkins sexually touched the 11 month old baby of one of his fans, and encouraged another fan to abuse their own child via webcam. More details here. The judge said that Watkins' offences "breaks new ground." "You had many fawning fans. That gave you power. You knew you could use that power to induce young female fans to have help satisfy your insatiable lust and take part in the sexual abuse of their own children. Away from the highlights of your public performances lay a dark and sinister side," said the judge. The Chief Inspector from the South Wales police said Watkins was entirely emotionless and unrepentant to any of his victims. "He has shown no empathy, no sympathy or any remorse for what he has done," said Inspector Peter Doyle. "It's as if he just doesn't care. He has shown no remorse at any time. In my view, that potentially makes him the most dangerous sex offender I have ever seen." Police are now searching for others who may have been abused by Watkins, following a flurry of tip-offs. In an uncomfortable twist, he has earned an estimated £100,000 in song royalties since being arrested last year, when Lostprophets sales saw a rise. His appearance on news features reporting on his sentence will give an extra boost to his income if samples of Lostprophets songs are featured in reports.

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    What a pathetic and disgusting excuse of a human being. He deserves every second of that sentence, and more.
    I thought the Judge went too easy on him. 35 years is a tad lenient
    35 is lenient? That's one of the harsher sentences I've seen for a sex offender and the repercussions of how it will affect his life when he leaves prison will be immense. Like I said further down, he'll be about 60 if he goes out on parole and 71 if he does the full sentence, by that point most of his life would have been wasted, on top of that, he'll have no friends, no family and the police will likely keep an eye on him too, he'll have no life if he gets out.
    You think he'll make it out? Wouldn't bet on him surviving his sentence....
    That's if he does make it out. Which is more likely than you think, scumbags like Watkins are kept away from the rest of the prison populace.
    Jeffrey Dahmer didn't last 2 years in prison.
    Bernardo did. they kept him locked up nice n tight. still alive and eating 3 squares a day on taxpayer dollars. Kill the bastard I say then we won't ever have to worry about him reoffending. Crimes like this deserve a special kind of punishment. those who disagree....would change their minds quick if it was YOUR kid. standing up for this retards rights only enables the next generation of sickos. try that with my kid...I'd kill you dead on the spot.
    One of the guards will kill him out of disgust, i'm sure.
    @s7peterson Woah calm down, son. He may have done some crazy shite in his life, but he's no Jesus Christ yet.
    Most of his life will be wasted????? He rapes babies you idiot. As for wasting time listen to his so called music if you want to talk about a life wasted.....
    What I meant by his life being wasted is that this is his punishment and he deserves it, if you think I'm sympathising with him when I say that "his life will be wasted" then you should probably reread what I've just wrote, because I'm not.
    Things are a bit different in Europe than the states. Obviously in America they give you 35 years in the joint just for smoking one. 35 years in this country is a LONG sentence.
    For baby rape? He won't last 35 years. He won't last 35 days. And I'm happy with that. If he were to be executed, I'd get a front row seat with beer and popcorn. Baby rapists deserve a new kind of hell.
    So you would happily murder another person, for crimes that do not even come close to murder... wow... am I glad the uk doesn't have the death sentence... Not saying being a pedo is good, but it isn't murder, a lifetime in na psyciatric ward is what he needs, if someone derives pleasure from molesting babies they need mental help more than incarceration, though they could never be allowed out either.
    Its sad that you dont understand that some things are worse than murder.
    I'm pretty sure he doesn't think that. What he's saying is that killing someone because of what they did is completely ridiculous. Ian's mentally ill, he needs help not the death sentence. It's sad that you think you can justify the killing of a psychologically ill person, we don't live in the Middle Ages any more...
    link no1
    I love how if somebody does bad things they are obviously mentally ill and not just a bad person. Why can't it just be that he is a terrible individual? It's like justifying his crimes with "but he isn't bad, he just needs help".
    You're just being ignorant. Obviously every bad thing someone could do isn't the sign of mental issues. Killing for money etc. But it has been proven many times that paedophilia is a psychological illness. It really makes me angry when you argue about something with no facts at all. It's like religious people arguing. Are you allowed to post links in this comment section?
    Everybodies reality is different and to each and everyone of us it is VERY REAL. Ian's actions were normal to him- unfortunately, and that is why he seemed emotionless in court. I believe pedophelia needs scrutiny over the next few decades so these people can be prosecuted differently than normal people. He is not like us but he is still one of us. Idk this whole shebockle has really made me reevaluate these f***heads
    I have heard what you commented before on T.V. when they talk about another type of person like that was talked to by an interviewer. He then told the interviewer that he did not feel what he was doing was wrong, and his only regret was getting caught. Who was it.....OH YEAH! John Wayne Gacy. Mentally ill or not, people that inflict harm without "KNOWING" they are doing wrong do not need to be walking around with the rest of us. I truly see no difference between the two, because they both destroy lives without regret.
    Such garbage. He is a BABY RAPIST. There is no psychological help or holy redemption that can save this lowest piece of scum. No amount of time that he spends in a psychologists chair or sitting in his prison cell reading the bible and repenting for raping a baby will change what did.
    Jondalf never said there was any 'redemption' for him. Well, there is treatment available, which you could easily find if you had been bothered. Of course you can't change what has happened, but executing paedophiles isn't the answer. Oh, you're an expert on paedophilia treatment are you?
    If he's showing no emotion, he's obviously a sociopath, which you just don't treat. He can't get better.
    No point comparing apples and oranges. Rape is rape and murder is murder - but at the end of the day Watkins' crime was beyond serious, heinous and downright disgusting. In my opinion his punishment is a deserved one and justice has served it's purpose on this front.
    I'm sorry, but as sick and disgusting as everything he's done is, it's not murder. I'm not trying to say what he's done is any less worse either, he deserves what he's getting, but these kinds of things have happened throughout human history, and for the most part, those affected will persevere. They aren't gonna go thru life looking for sympathy because they were raped, they will keep on living life as best as they can. Which they wouldn't be able to if they were murdered.
    So you'd rather live knowing every day what's happened to you, to carry that abuse with you for ever, than to just be killed and never know of it?
    murder would be a HAPPY SUBSTITUTE to living with the nightmare this sick piece of shit caused for children!!!! that will NEVER leave them, they will carry that burden to the GRAVE so YOU tell me whats worse!!!
    Showing zero remorse towards your victims but remorse and empathy towards yourself - that is NOT a sign of mental illness. Ian Watkins is evil, simple as that.He is now in the right place with His kind of people. Great to say that justice has been served.
    This guy wanted to have a baby with his gf so he could then rape the defenceless newborn kid and referred to the whole episode as "megalolz". He should sit rotting a cell for the rest of his life along with a good daily beating, he is the lowest of the low. Hopefully his victims and their families can go on to have some kind of normal life
    To play Devil's advocate here - If they were babies then we can take solace in the fact that they will have no recollection of Ian's actions. As long as they are taken away from their poor excuses of mothers, they should be able to lead happy lives. I don't know about the other victims, though (eg how old they were).
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    Dude... You don't even understand. Get to know some people who have been sexually abused to the agree that this guy did it. They would literally rather have died. There are some kinds of pain that make death preferable. And just because he didn't physically murder someone doesn't make it any better to murder their souls. I know about a dozen women myself who have gone through it and it's a life so empty for people like that. It's so eye-opening when you see how it psychologically effects them for the rest of their lives. They're so full of self-loathing and so many other self-destructive emotions as a result. You have literally no idea what you're talking about and until you do, you should simply shut your mouth. I will agree that this dude does need psychiatric help, but only as far as a sexual attraction to minors goes. He made all of his own decisions and decided to act on his urges when he knew the consequences. He won't last long in prison and I hope all the inmates do exactly to him, what he did to his victims. Only, then, would he know true agony before death.
    Based on my comment above, I would be one of the people you're comment applies to. And while I completely understand what you mean, I also know 2 people that have been raped that were very hesitant to tell anyone about. And yes, while bringing it up, it brought out those emotions and self destructive tendencies, but other than that you wouldn't know with them because they have a strong mindset to know you have to persevere. This world is messed up and life is cruel and unfair, but you have to play the hand you're dealt no matter how messed up it is or how much you don't deserve it. I understand that people may not want to keep living life and would rather die than live with that emotional and physical scar. But as harsh as it is, it's survival of the fittest and they have to find a way to block it out as best they can and find something that makes them happy enough keep going. That's a tall order for most, but it's the only life you get.
    Rape is far worse than murder especially children. What he did deserves DEATH. Fuck this guy
    No, not remotely. Murder removes one from existence, which there's no coming back from. Life is the greatest opportunity, and murder puts a definitive end to it. Rape, at the basic sense, leaves one physically intact and in most cases psychologically traumatized, which can be treated and recovered from. Not that I disagree about him deserving death. Well, "deserve" isn't the word I'd use, but I'd be fine with it.
    Even though he never physically did ANYTHING. It's hard to call something rape when no physical contact was made. Just saying.
    if you actually read the article. You'll see that he tried to sexually touch a fans baby.
    What's the point of a mental institution meant for rehabilitation if you aren't letting the person out anyway. That is a waste of resources.
    I partly agree. Pedophilia and rape are in my view some of the most horrible acts one can commit and it cannot be even the slighest bit trivialized. That's important. On the other hand society shouldn't be about justice, because we can't agree on what is just or not. Society should not punish criminals for satisfaction, but for the safety of its citizens. And it can do that without the death penalty. I'm happy we don't have the death penalty in Sweden too.
    I'd rather be killed than traumatized for the rest of my life because of some old pig that didn't find it satisfying enough to sit Down and have a proper wank...
    Execution doesn't solve anything. Do you honestly think that the risk of execution deters people like Ian? In fact, it would merely add to the thrill of we he does. Not to mention the fact that innocent people have been executed. Frankly, execution is murder.
    In this case excecution does solve the problem of this disgusting low life taking another breath. Did you read that other headline from UG? He sexually touched, had sex with, and urinated on children. Get off your "death penalty is wrong" high horse for a minute and picture a grown man f$&@ing and pi$$ing on a child. And now picture someone walking up to that guy in the act of doing those grotesque things and shooting him in the head. Now that is a problem solved.
    I don't understand the idea of imprisonment and execution. Why waste our ****ing money and resources both harboring, and bothering to execute these ****ing criminal, low-life scum? It's a waste of OUR tax-paying dollars that could be going towards a million more beneficial programs that don't include supporting these ****ing people who rape and murder our citizens. My solution to this problem is to just build a wall around some remote, uninhabited island and drop all these sick ****s (murderers, rapists, Michael Vick, and other inhumane offenders) there and just leave them to fend for themselves. That way, they're still locked up, off of our national budget (or at least 90% the prisoner expenses would be eliminated), the "death sentence" debate is eliminated since we're still giving them a fighting chance, yet making sure they will never return to the country. Prison should only be reserved for offenders who do things like rob banks and other serious, but non-inhumane offenses. We'd get rid of probably (big guess-timate) 75% of our prison population and free up a lot more government spending money. So sad since this used to be one of my favorite bands about 10 years ago...
    What's hypocritical about what 99% of the people on this forum is saying is "What! He did something bad!? Lets punish him by doing something bad back!!" these comments about how rehabilitation is a waste of resources is awful. Our mental health care system is shit, as we all should no. But, in any other case, rehab isnt bad at all. Rehabilitating someone as ****ed up as this guy into a useful member of society is 10 times more effective than holding him inside a jail cell for 40,000$ a year (you do the math on that one).
    *Do you honestly think that the risk of execution deters people like Ian? * Yes i do...can't reoffend if you are dead. simple. he doesn't deserve anything less.
    If I can read correctly, then I think he said 'risk', not actually getting caught. It's like poker I suppose, the higher the stakes, the greater the risk and thrill.
    To be honest, I think that his sentence is a bit short. He should stay there until he dies, not until he's about 70. Just give him the injection (which is now the humane way of killing offenders), he has no life anymore.
    He won't have a life by that point anyway, going off of average life expectancy he'll only have another 10 years to live after he gets released anyway and it'll likely be far more miserable than his time in prison.
    30, 40, 50 years, or even a lifetime sentence, those numbers look equal to me.
    What I dont get is how come my comment got more dislikes than this...? And honestly, Ian has no life. He can't go back to a normal life because his music careers finished, he won't be able to get a job, random people on the street will hate him. He's been remembered... for the msot disgusting of reasons. You try and do what he's done and say 'I still have a life worth living'
    i know he's not serving this sentence in the states...but wouldnt it be great if he and jerry sandusky were cell mates?
    I'd feel devastated if I were a Lostprophets fan. I can only feel disgusted.
    Mr Winters
    I'm not devastated. Just extremely disgusted and disappointed. I still like the band's music and have no problem listening to it.
    ^this, though it does fill me with a wtf feeling :/
    You should be ashamed… you have terrible taste in music, and child molesters.
    I hope this **** drops the soap every day
    he probably will on purpose
    Why would he drop it on purpose he's going to jail not juvenile hall.
    Why are people always so enthusiastic about the prospect of prison rape, especially for sex offenders? No part of the sentencing stipulates he will be raped as a punishment, and it's ****ed up that it's assumed that it will and should happen incidentally. That's not justice. Taking those royalties and giving them to the families of the victims seems much more fair and helpful.
    Because whether its right or wrong, society likes to see what goes around comes around, 35 years may not be enough for some people. So its only fair that we all hope a huge guy called Barry makes him his bitch.
    I hope this clown doesn't survive the first 5 years of his sentence.
    I hope he does survive. But I hope that he suffers horrendously throughout the sentence. And then dies the day before he's due to be released.
    What the hell is wrong with you people? This gets the medal? I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. You people make me sick.
    Oh, stop playing the "holier than thou" card. The world would have lost nothing if Ian Watkins were executed. The world would, however, gain a higher level of safety because a true monster would be eradicated. I hope that he suffers some real pain and doesn't live past 35 years.
    If we make you sick through comments, Ian's actions must have made you vomit like the guy in Korn's music video of Thoughtless (though, that was an act of revenge. You'll be soiling yourself from both ends). Plus, this is a guy most people liked: he made good music (personal prefernces), etc. but after this, he let so many people down. Fans, friends etc. have a right to be annoyed after what he's done.
    I can't sympathize with you guys as I (or any of my beloved relatives) have never been raped and molested in life. Pedophilia and rape must be that high in America.
    From what I saw reported he changed his plea to guilty , it gets him a solitary cell in a sex offenders wing , by all accounts according to a relative who works in the Prison Service he probably won't have contact with 'normal' sex offenders never mind the normal prison populace . His sentence may be reduced by an amount depending on his 'good behaviour' and ''response to psychiatric treatment' . But hopefully his sentence will be increased if more people come forward . I'm still expecting this filthy excuse of a person to launch an appeal for a more lenient sentence . If David Cameron and co had the balls to bring back the death sentence we wouldn't have to pay tax to imprison and 'treat' this scum.
    'If David Cameron had the balls to bring back the death sentence' Listen to yourself, you moron.
    If wishing death on that scumbag makes me a moron , then I'm very happy to comtinue being moronic .
    In truth, I very much expect him to commit suicide at some point very soon, especially as he is already being watched by psychiatric nurses around 5 times an hour. In this case I don't think a death sentence would be the answer as it would be a quick solution to a poor excuse for a human being. He will suffer for what he has done of that I am sure!
    I've never looked into anything about death row in the UK before, but I have for the US, and you'd be surprised at how many people are still alive who have been given the death sentence so many years ago. Charles Manson is one.
    Charlie Manson's sentence was reduced to life when California abolished the death penalty briefly. He just lucked out.
    Youd also be surprised how many innocent people get put on death row too. Some are lucky enough to get a pardon (After spending several years of their life there), the death penalty does not work, it is just a way for psycho's to justify murdering people. If people have commited murder, they should spend their life in jail with no chance of release, not be given a murder, an eye for an eye is NOT a valid reason to kill.
    Exactly, anyway, a lifetime in prison is worse than death. It's no solution to simply kill the mentally ill, it's irresponsible and pathetic.
    Every breath a baby rapist takes is a disgrace to the human race. In other cases I agree that the death penalty is complicated and the possibility of executing an innocent person is sickening. But when somebody confesses to raping a baby and there is no doubt that he in fact F@&$ed A baby then he needs to die.
    Epi g-310
    "Every breath a baby rapist takes is a disgrace to the human race." That's a nice sentiment, but it doesn't justify the death penalty. The death penalty turns the justice system into the revenge system, and that crosses a line, especially when guilt isn't always totally confirmed. Even if you were to just limit it to occasions like this where the defendant pleads guilty, then you'd just get a rash of suicide-by-executions committed by innocent people who didn't think they could win their cases. This is the right sentence for Watkins. I'd have given him life unless he can rehabilitate, but 35 years is almost life anyway. I'd have settled for castration too, but apparently that's considered more reprehensible than the death penalty...
    I think everytime we try to justify murder it is a disgrace to the human race.
    He needs to die because of a problem he's not directly responsible for? I agree he should have sought for help, but the problem is much more than in his conscience.
    Mental illness or not, at the end of the day you are directly responsible for you actions.
    nightrain88, that is painfully, antagonistically stupid. I don't think you know what mental illness means. I'm not even speaking of this case directly, but a lot of mentally ill people are certainly not responsible for their actions. Ponder the stupidity of holding someone who is mentally incapable of understanding logic, reason, morality, self preservation, social constructs, emotions, etc, before you say something like that. I have no sympathy for this guy, but I think you need to reexamine the concept of 'responsibility' as it pertains to genuinely mentally ill people. You might as well tell a blind person they're responsible for not being able to perceive colour or something.
    Not really, his brain is hard-wired in a certain way so to speak, making him think what he does is fine to do. Are you incapable of understanding what a mental illness is!?
    If he ends up staying in prison for the full 35 years, he'll get out when he's about 70. That seems too soon.
    I am not a religious man, but I sincerely hope that there is a hell waiting for Watkins
    Not to mention that he referred to the whole case as "megalolz", said that he only pled guilty to avoid a trial and that he doesn't know what everyone's getting so worked up about.
    Bye Bye.Hope its hell on earth.Good riddance to the two women too.I think he will get done in before he gets out or commit suicide.And for anyone who defends him get f ked.
    I hope by that you mean "anyone who defends him who isn't a lawyer gets f*****." Lawyers will always take on a case like this, as it's a lot of money for them and also he has a right to legal counsel. I can't blame lawyers for wanting to make money, even if they are the spawn of satan.
    A defence lawyers job is to make sure the defendant is fairly represented, they will do everything they can to prove their clients innocence. The prosecutor however wants to win the case by any means and often will withhold evidence. I know which one I prefer. And I say never judge people, many sources have misrepresented facts in this case and it feels to me there are gaping holes in it everywhere I look, but he pled guilty so he must pay the price. 35 years is overkill though given he never physically touched a baby at all.
    He never touched a baby ... apart from that one baby the article says he touched. I agree that 35 years is a long sentence for 'only' inappropriately touching a child, but this guy had gone to a lot of effort to do far worse things. Under the circumstances, especially with his public profile, 35 years seems entirely appropriate. Intent adds a lot to a sentence, and remorse may remove a lot from a sentence. Watkins' intent was quite horrific, and according the the judge he was remorseless. If one were to go to the level of trouble and planning that Watkins did to commit a murder, and said they did not regret it once they were caught, you can bet they'd get an equally hefty sentence.
    When the news first broke I had no idea his actions were as heinous as they were. What a despicable human being. I am glad I wasn't a fan of his before because if I was I personally wouldn't be able to listen to his music again. If you can separate his art from who he is that's fine, but for me I am not willing to do that. It must also be awful for his band mates. They are forced to forever be associated with him even though they themselves are innocent. They also will lose a lot of what they worked for all these years with the probability of them having people purposely not listen to their music because of the singers actions. I hope they can move on. It really goes to show how the actions of one or a few can affect so many people: 1. His victims. First and foremost, his victims suffered the most. 2. People who have relations to his victims, such as friends and families. 3. Society as a whole. 4. His friends and families, including bandmates. They are all innocent but lose both him (they lose the "person they knew" to a real monster) and are forever associated with him. 5. Fans of music he was in as many fans are forced into a dilemma of supporting him or not by continuing to consume his music. Shitty situation all round and the world is a better place without him in it free to do as he pleases. I hope he never sets foot out of prison again.
    Good, the only next step is the "Ian Watkins stabbed to death in prison cell" article.
    Would be better if he killed himself , instead of wasting public funds to covict someone of murdering him .
    So of course we have to pay for him to live in prison for 35 years. Great, hopefully someone kills him by the end of next year
    If his death would please you, then you are a sadist just like Ian.
    Majin Gaara
    So it's okay to keep people like this alive? That's right, I forgot that you think people like this 'have' the right to exist still. Regardless of how little respect for any human life they have.
    Oh, shut up. You don't even know me. Don't act like you can tell exactly what kind of person I am from that sentence. And yes, it's okay to keep people like Ian alive. Of course he has the right to exist. Read your own comment. "Exterminated"? Do you hear how ridiculous that is? I never said it was fine for such evil to exist. But it does exist and you and I can't just make it go away. And before you say it, NO, killing people like Ian wouldn't make that evil non-existent. Killing him would only make whoever kills him a murderer. You can pretend it would be the right thing to do and that it would be for the greater good. You can pretend all you want. But you'd just be a sadistic, delirious killer.
    Majin Gaara
    Now, if you can give me some logic behind your opinion I just might respect you. But people like Ian need to be exterminated. To destroy the innocence of children and act that evil out deserves his flame to be blown out. I don't understand how you think It's fine for this evil to exist
    Haha like I give a shit if someone on my computer screen respects me or not.
    They should make an example of Ian. Do depraved things like this with 100% undeniable proof and you will die. Hell it might make those other disgusting freaks think twice before they commit the crime. bobby is right i hope he does die. Or kills himself. He serves no purpose sitting in prison while others pay for him to live. And then in 35 years he'll be released back into the world to do as he pleases again. It has nothing to do with politics or religion or whatever. It's ridding the world of trash that doesn't belong here.
    Do you think an example hasn't been made of pedophiles before? It's been done. It obviously didn't do the trick.
    Don't worry, he'll get the crap kicked out of him in prison! I hope they damn near kill him!!
    Completely nonredeemable offences such as raping children/babies equate to 35 years in prison? If I had any say in the sentencing, he would get the judas cradle.
    35 years is probably one of the better sentences I've seen for a sex offender. Think about it, he'll be in this 70's if he does the full sentence and about 60 if he goes out on parole, most of his life would've been wasted away in prison by that point, he'll have no future ahead of him and I think that's a far worse punishment than death. I'm not saying it will make up for the crimes he did, but he could've had a far more lenient sentence.
    I understand your logic; but you see, I don't want to use logic here, I just want to see a pedophile get ripped apart by the judas cradle.
    Of course, because torture is justified as a punishment. Fucking idiot... We live in the 21st century, not the 15th.
    "29 years in prison with a further six years on licence, but he will be eligible for parole after serving two thirds of the prison term." - BBC. He could be out in 22 years. I wouldn't put odds on his making it though.
    inb4 suicide It also seems that he feels he doesn't need to care about the sentence. The dude's 36, and already spent nearly half his life as a rockstar, earning millions and gathering a huge worldwide fanbase. He's had 100 times the life most sex offenders have, and he's still earning the royalties for him to retire comfortably on his own island by the time he gets released. If he survives.
    I can only shake my head at someone who wants to the justice system to react on a purely emotion driven, 'revenge' based fantasy. Sure, I'd love to see this dude get the shit kicked out of him to within in an inch of his life before he's crushed like a bug. And guess what, this gut reaction, this pure animalistic desire to see someone whose wronged others is ****ing repulsive. It's a primal feeling that we all understand, but if rising above mob justice isn't one of the larger functions of an honest justice system, I don't know what is.
    I just fail to understand child molesters getting anything under life. These people target the most innocent of us all. It is a mental illness, and if not spent in jail, then at least another form of confinement away from the society we live in.
    Should have sentenced him China style Bullet to the head, then bill his family for the bullet
    Considering how inmates treat pedophiles, he won't last long in there. The judge could've as well sentenced him to death, because that's probably what's going to happen. I hope you suffer in there Watkins, cause that's what you deserve. You're no human being.
    Hes total scum and desereves everything he gets but we dont have death sentences in Great Britain
    Are prisons in the UK as brutal as the prisons here in 'Murica?? If so then this guy will be dead within a year.
    Well no, because Britain is civilised in that we don't have a death sentence. It's interesting how you try to make it seem as though he isn't a human being... humans are capable of almost anything.
    While I agree that humans are capable of almost anything, the fact that this piece of shit raped infants makes him subhuman. As the father of two kids this sickens me, because no innocent child deserves to be subjected to this sort of depravity. And what makes me more sick is that the mothers participated and were willing to let this son of a bitch do these things. There's not enough torture in the world for "humans" like Ian Watkins.
    I wish I could upvote that a thousand times. I wish we abolished the death sentence here in America.
    I say put him in a contraption like in "Saw". If he dies, he dies. If he lives...meh, he won't. No loss, more children will be safe.
    Asshole deserves life in prison. Hopefully he never sees the light of day again (as in someone hears whiff of who he his and teaches him right)
    i suspect that he'll have lots of fun for these next 35 years in his tiny cell with Big Tyrone
    Take him out back, shoot him in the head. The mothers who provided him with children deserve to rot as well. This story is revolting to say the least.
    Should have gotten life. Not just for his sick, perverted criminal offenses. But the musical ones as well.
    im not in the uk but id be pissed about 35 years of supporting this "thing" thats less than human. he doesnt deserve 35 seconds of life after what he did! 12 cents on a .22 cal bullet to the head is about all he deserves. IMHO
    Well I cant help but put my 2 cents in here. Is he sick - YES. Is he a danger to others - YES! Well the safety and well being of others out ways his "sickness". While I fundamentally believe that the correctional institutions in this country are a bit too comfortable and a system is often abused leaving John Q taxpayer to struggle to help :accommodate: the criminally ill/habitual offenders. Just think that Jeff Dahmer was spared the death penalty but would never see the light of day. Who had to pay for his housing, food, etc.? As an alternative to the death penalty I have another suggestion. Given the helplessness of his victims I suggest castrating Ian. This could serve to control his urges and perhaps give his victims some peace knowing he could never do that to another person. In other countries if you steal they cut off a hand. Women are mutilated so they cannot enjoy sex as a deterrent form cheating. well this is his deterrent.
    Seriously many posts here hoping for torture, rape and death of the guy. It's like reading a thread from the medieval times when someone was found to be a witch.
    Except he's not a witch. He touches babies sexually. Bit of a difference in my mind, along with many others here. All these people with sympathy for someone who abused a baby is blowing my ****ing mind right now.
    Bottom line is the dude raped kids, and he can rot in hell with all of those in this thread who feel any sympathy towards him and put forth any hint of a suggestion that he has a mental illness giving reason for this. And hey .:!j.man!:., if you'd like I can meet you in public and I'll say the same thing face to face.
    Wow. I could wade through that stupidity, it's so thick. I haven't seen anyone 'sympathize' with him, but there is a little thing called 'empathy' that you could try wrapping your head around before you start condemning people to hell simply for disagreeing with you. If you said that to me in person, it would just confirm that you're malignantly stupid, not brave, or tough, or strong minded. You can't even fathom a different outlook without people 'sympathizing' with the dude, without tacitly approving of what he's done. That's YOUR hang up, that's YOUR complex you have built in your head, and that's YOUR stupidity to deal with. Projecting bullshit onto people you disagree with isn't telling it like it is, like you seem to perceive it, it's simply putting your blinders on and taking pride in how dumb and narrow minded you are. You should go to hell for suggesting that people 'sympathize' with a pedophile just because they don't play into your perception of mental illness or capital punishment. If you said that to my face, I'd be wondering how you had enough room up your ass for my head. "Any hint of a suggestion". Antagonistically dumb and self righteous, you should get a clue.
    He's not mentally ill, and no one can use that excuse! He's ****ed up in his sexual desires; his lust for babies, is what he is.
    ****ed up and mentally are kind of supposed to mean the same thing in this context.
    He's the type of guy who'll probably enjoy the prison rape.
    what makes you think that? he's a pedo, not a homo.
    You should check out his profile, "nastynasty", on motherless (.com). It may change your mind.
    Should have been taken straight from the court to the firing squad. Go read the texts and things he said to these worthless mothers that gave their children to him. Screw the law. This is one of the most depraved things I've ever seen. He does not deserve to live. As disgusting as he is he'll probably enjoy being raped in prison. 35 years in prison is a luxory compared to what he's done.