Ian Watkins Placed on Suicide Watch

The Lostprophets singer who has been charged with 23 sex offences could be checked into a psychiatric ward, according to a new court hearing.

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Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins has been placed on suicide watch, after being arrested and charged with 24 sexual offences in December last year.

Watkins denies the charges, which include conspiracy to rape a baby and possessing an extreme image of a person having sex with an animal.

According to the Independent, a clinical psychologist recommended that Watkins is checked five times per hour, and recommends that he is taken from prison to a psychiatric hospital.

Two others are accused in a similar set of accusations, who cannot be named for legal reasons. One, aged 24, denies all charges, while the other aged 20 has admitted sexually touching a child and taking and sharing indecent images of it.

In June, Watkins made a statement outside the court which was read by a representative:

"I want to thank my family, friends and all the fans for their continued support throughout this whole ordeal. Your support gives me strength, I deny all the allegations made against me and will continue to fight to the end to clear my name."

The full trial is set to begin on November 25.

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    "...possessing an extreme image of a person having sex with an animal." You just know that being Welsh it's going to be a sheep.
    His life is definitely ruined regardless of his innocence now.
    matteo cubano
    innocent people don't get charged with conspiring to rape a baby with 23 other sexual offenses.
    Whatever happened to "innocent until proven guilty" ?
    matteo cubano
    "presumed" innocent...legally speaking, yes, the court assumes he is innocent. But in my opinion, it's rare that someone could get so many charges for sexual crimes without being guilty for at least some of them. People don't seem to understand what that phrase actually means.
    Being charged is not the same as being judged. Many people get charged for crimes and then in court they prove their innocence. It is nothing more than an accusation.
    Matteo, that's a ****ing stupid thing to say. Cherish and defend the democracy and justice system of your society, don't shit all over it.
    i agree with matteo. they don't just pick a name out of a hat and it came up ian Watkins. if they are taking it to trial then prosecutors believe they have enough evidence to prove him guilty. They say "innocent until proven guilty" because that's how a trial goes. if we were supposed to all think that hes innocent now then why is he being locked up? Matteo is stating how the justice system works.
    Suicide watch for a guy who committed mass murders makes more sense than a sex maniac who ENJOYED... wait... he's in the emo band? Well that explains it. Stop it people. We were already accusing him guilty even before these evidence showed up. Now don't assume to soon that he's on a suicidal state.
    Um, it isn't us that are assuming that he's suicidal, that was the verdict of a clinical psychologist.
    He's so damn special. Btw, could you do something about EndTheRapture5's comment? I've read similar comments again and again that they're starting to look like spams.
    link no1
    "Could you do something about that comment? I'm sick of people stating the truth, it brings me out in a rash".
    sorry, im panic when i say english. is not my first you know.
    What, 'his life is definitely ruined'? Don't see what's wrong with that observation.
    He can;t do anything now even if he is released. His music career's ded and his own reputation. I know it's harsh but suicide may be the only way out. No1, not even other prisoners, shud respect him after wat he's done... srry
    I honestly have so much sympathy for this guy if he isn't guilty. Who cares if you don't like his band, hes a human ****ing being and we shouldn't jump the gun and hate him for something he may not have done. But if he is guilty, he can get ****ed.
    This. Although 24 charges does not sound like the prosecutors are making stuff up..
    Also it was stuff found on his password protected computer, which doesn't look great for him you have to admit
    Yes becuase passwords are the securest of things... And it's not like a virus can install anything on your computer... or that someone can access your computer remotely and place anything there... not at all...
    Smegal is actually right. Although I find it highly unlikely that Watkins is a victim of this virus/hacking, something like that is definitely possible, and it has happened to people before. (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/11/09...
    If the government can track your every move on a computer, what's to stop them from planting evidence? It's the modern alternative to sprinkling crack on the suspect after you shoot him.
    I think the same thing.....but then I think, what if the police laid 24 charges on me, would that make me guilty? Nope! It's a sad situation whatever, I mean baby rape is beyond sick. It's on a whole new level. It's twisted and evil.
    matteo cubano
    i totally agree but if he is guilty then he shouldn't just get ****ed. they should have have a 1 year old horse rape him as punishment.
    Yeah, I don't get why they're free to talk about his pending case, but the other two get to have their names withheld for legal reasons (even the one who pleaded guilty). His name shouldn't have been released either (although it's likely that someone outside of the legal process is the one talking about it).
    Even if he's found innocent doesn't necessarily mean he didn't do it just that they couldn't prove it.....
    You're exactly the kind of person TheMetalcoreGuy is talking about.
    How am I? I'm just noting that whatever verdict is returned it's down to what can be proved not actually what happened. Innocent people get locked up and crims remain free.
    There is a common concept in law which must be followed. 100 criminals roaming free is better than one innocent going to prison. This is why a case must be proved by the prosecution beyond reasonable doubt that you are guilty. If there is any doubt then you go free.
    i dig me some lostprophets but chances if he's attempted suicide, he's guilty.
    Well no you could be innocent but because he knows his life is ruined regardless of the verdict, he might want to end it.
    I dont no how many fans will still b bhind him if he is released. He's got no1 now (even if he does, trust wud b thin)
    I feel sorry for his band mates, regardless of whether he's guilty or not they are always gonna have a stigma attached to them.
    I have one of their band tees too when I was pretty big fan of them. Not sure what to do with it now...
    link no1
    Wear it would probably be a good idea. You like the band yes? Then wear the shirt. It's not the shirt that is being charged with these accusations is it? This is what I don't understand about people..."I like this band, they would be my favorite band ever but, one member is a bad person therefore I can't listen to them".
    It'a just not the same listening to them now, and hearing Ian's vocals and lyrics.
    My Lostprophets tshirt was my favourite tshirt so I still wear it sometime, even though some friends keep calling me a pedo
    "Two others are accused in a similar set of accusations, who cannot be named for legal reasons. One, aged 24, denies all charges, while the other aged 20" Call me stupid, but why can't the other two be named? It's not as if their age is an issue, so why name one but not the other two?
    Probably something to do with some BS "public interest" clause.
    Funny, my name was in the local paper after my DUI. I don't understand why it has to be a public spectacle for trolls like Nancy grace to feed on...
    I personally think charges such as this should be withheld from the public, by law, until the trial is finished (same goes for Tim Lambesis' case). Though I have no doubt in my mind that he's guilty, on the very small off chance that he isn't, I firmly believe his name shouldn't have been smeared like this. I've seen someone go through a similar situation where it was proven that he was nowhere near his computer at the time the images appeared, and he's a free man, now. Luckily, the community has accepted him and the newspaper who printed the original story printed a retraction. You can't undo what's been done to Ian Watkins, if he's innocent. There's just no way he'll ever hold credibility again.
    Two others are accused in a similar set of accusations, who cannot be named for legal reasons. Why is it ok for him to be named then?
    He "places" on suicide watch? What, he's finished in the top 3 or something? If he's innocent, which I doubt, I feel very sorry for him. He can get ****ed if not.
    You can go to prison for having pictures of animal porn? Better warn my bass player.....
    Of course he's on suicide watch in a psychiatric hospital. It would be suicide for him not to be.
    I don't know if the guy's guilty or not. I only know what I've read about him, on places like UG and blabbermouth, and frankly, even if he appeared innocent, there are unfortunately a lot of mouth breathers who think making shit music is a crime, so there's no 'innocent til proven guilty' in their ****ed up world. That said, anyone mentioning a conspiracy is just as bad, because they're refusing to be objective about an artist they may like. It's like the As I Lay Dying Singer; do people really think guys like this are targets? Why them, and not scores of infinitely more famous and successful people? Is this guy really important enough that people will orchestrate a child pornography scandal to get him? Musicians are people. They're not any more or less likely to be pieces of shit than regular people, they can be as deeply flawed as anyone. I love Miles Davis, and he was a misogynist racist. I dislike Lostprophets, but I need to know more before I form an opinion.
    Well...regardless of the future verdict, I'll still be blasting Liberation Transmission from my car on long road trips. Great album.
    if they prove him guilty i hope he gets put on deathrow these kinda sick ****s need taken off the planet
    We don't have death row in the UK.
    Ya i know Europe's justice system is more ****ed up then America's. Look at the bomber in Norway killed 100+ people, and the most he'll get is 21 years.
    He will never go free. After 21 years, Norway can give him extra five years if he is deemed dangerous. And another five after that etc. Read up a bit on the justice systems before you make accusations.
    *reads article* I'm sorry to everyone this may cause offence, I really am. Fuck all this 'Innocent until proven guilty' bollocks. The man Is obviously guilty. Case closed. Sex case, sex case, Hang him, hang him, hang him!
    That's not how justice works though.
    Yes, I know that. And I didn't say that's how it should work. I'm just stating my opinion, not that no ones bothered in it though
    When a one night stand accuses you of rape, I bet you will hope someone will listen to your side of the story too.
    I'm happily engaged thanks, so that wont happen to me. but when a man is arrested with child porn in his possession, how the **** is he not guilty??
    You know, there IS such a thing as planting evidence... it's not that difficult to imagine an ex or someone else with a serious grudge doing this to someone. Not saying that's the case in this particular scenario, but it can happen...
    Oh, really, I didn't know that(!) Thank you for passing on your stupendous intellect. I can sleep freely tonight. You should get a job in law. That way you can defend all the nonces on the planet.
    My rationale on this is that musicians in bands that tour 6 months out of a year and spend the rest of the time writing new music and very little time with loved ones. The probability that he was somehow dragged into this not by his own means is definitely feasible. For musicians to have these kinds of disorders is pretty rare especially given the environment they are in on the road. Sure, there are statutory rape cases, but there should be no reason for someone in such high standing to perform or consider performing such lewd acts. Sure, some artists have mental problems. Take MJ for instance. Messed up from childhood. If there are things that go back to this guys childhood, I would put things less in his favor, but from an above average human being standpoint, he probably didn't have hardly a thing to do with any of it, because guys in his standing don't have time to have any part of that kind of crap when there are women readily available to him, because he is in a popular band. It takes a pretty messed up person to do this kind of stuff. I doubt he's suicidal, but I'm sure it's a precaution they are wanting to take with him because he is in higher standing than the other suspects.
    just because your feeble mind cant fathom the fact that your profession has absolutely nothing to do with your psyche, your sexual interests, your moral compass, etc. does not mean all of sudden we should think this guy is innocent because he is in a "popular" band and there's just no way he could be suicidal...step out of your box little boy
    Your profession has nothing to do with your psyche?! Huh? Also; W T F
    From what you're saying I guess Catholic priests find it impossible to be child molesters? Just because 'he can get any woman he wants' (which he can't by the way) doesn't mean he would lose any appetite for his disgusting taste in young children.
    Oh boy this kid is so out of touch with reality it is legitimately scary.
    Lol, the story was first titled : ''Ian Watkins Places on Suicide Watch'' UG, hire better editors!
    So many people determined to defend this bastard. But then again I can't talk cause I 100% believe he is guilty. We'll not long now before we all know the truth. November will creep up on us I am sure.
    To everyone saying that he may possibly innocent, google 'motherless nastynadty'. That's his account, take a look at some of the pictures and groups he's joined. Then re-evaluate your original comment
    How about we begin the trial 5 months ago and 'place' him in jail? (I know it's innocent until proven guilty, I just felt like being witty)
    High five! I'm all for this kind of wit. Next time you feel this sort of genius coming on- just write it down, crunch up the paper, and diligently pack it into your *****. (Sorry, I just felt like being subtly playful)
    There's millions of sexual images with animals on the internet, and it's perfectly legal. Why would someone download a single 'extreme' image and save it on his computer for fapping when he can download gigabytes of sick and twisted material in minutes. This story makes no sense. Also when someone downloads something and deletes the file or even formats the drive the data is still there until it's overwritten. The fbi can find it easily, cause I can do it too. I can't believe that people still take it seriously when a single 'illegal' image and a conspiracy are the only pieces of evidence there are.
    What does the FBI have to do with this? They have absolutely no jurisdiction outside of the USA (and yes, there is a world outside of America)