Iggy And The Stooges Play Raucous V Festival Set

Iggy And The Stooges played a rowdy and raucous set at the Chelmsford leg of the V Festival August 19.

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Iggy And The Stooges played a rowdy and raucous set at the Chelmsford leg of the V Festival August 19.

Playing at 8.40pm in the JJB Arena, Iggy Pop led his band through a set of classics such as 'I Wanna Be Your Dog' and 'No Fun', producing the most energetic and chaotic scene of the V Festival so far.

During 'Down On The Street', Pop mounted a guitar amp and made a humping motion onto it, causing roadies to rush to push themselves up against the amp to prevent it toppling over.

Pop made numerous forays into the crowd, where he was mobbed by fans.

After one particular crowd jaunt, during 'No Fun', Pop climbed back onto the stage by scaling ten feet of stage rigging then leaping down.

"Let me see everybody," he said when he had regained compusure, prompting the light engineer to activate lights onto the crowd, who responded with mass cheering.

At the climax of a euphorically-received rendition of 'Fun House', Pop repeatedly smashed his microphone stand against the ground until it smashed, with a roadie walking on to carry off the wrecked pieces.

He then walked in the style of a zombie to the side of the stage and poured six bottles of water over himself.

The set ended with an extended jam version of 'Skull Ring', featuring a live saxophonist, during which Pop danced all over the stage and gestured to the crowd manically, before leaving the stage after his band.

There was no crowd stage invasion, as has been customary for the band's festival sets this summer, but the set was among the weekend's most high-octane moments.

Iggy And The Stooges played:

01. Loose 02. 1969 03. I Wanna Be Your Dog 04. TV Eye 05. No Fun 06. 1970 07. Fun House 08. Skull Ring

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    sounds like a typical stooges concert..so why is this news? their set was no where near as long as when i saw them in may. but i do have to say iggy sure knows how to put on a good show. the crazy old bastard.
    It was ****ing crazy man, i caught the second half, and my god, that was the loudest thing i have EVER ****in heard!!
    I love how even though Pop is now sixty he can still ****ing rock harder than people who are in their 20's.
    Yeah Iggy Pop is the true definition of rock and roll, the new bands of today should take a lesson from this guy.