Iggy Pop: Labels Humiliate Me

artist: Iggy Pop date: 05/11/2012 category: music news
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Iggy Pop: Labels Humiliate Me
Iggy Pop has struck out at major record labels, after deciding to self-release his new album "Apres". At a press conference for the French-inspired album last night, he said: "What has a record company ever done for me but humiliate and torment and drag me down?" Iggy produced the album without help from a label, but was contractually obliged to offer it to Virgin EMI. "They didn't want it. They didn't think they would make any money, they didn't think my fans would like it - very sensible attitudes for a sensible sort of person - but that's a different sort of person than I am," he said. "They would have preferred that I do a rock album with popular punks, sort of like "Hi Dad!" I was not going to do that!" As a result, Iggy self-released the album online and posted the CD for sale on French website. "Apres" is his second French-inspired release, after 2009's "Preliminaires". It includes covers of Frank Sinatra's "Only The Lonely", The Beatles' "Michelle", and Yoko Ono's "I'm Going Away Smiling". Iggy Pop, now aged 65, was last seen in the studio with Ke$ha to collaborate on a song for her new album, which she claims will "resurrect rock." Yesterday we reported on a rant by Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe, who talked about Marilyn Manson's poor sales after self-releasing his new album "Born Villain" - much like Iggy has now been forced to do. Do major acts really need record labels, or is it too hard to find promotion without an international marketing machine like those at the major labels? Share your view in the comments.
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