Imagine Dragons Unveil Snippet of Track for New Transformers Film

"Battle Cry" was written for the upcoming action film.

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Imagine Dragons have shared a snippet of the track they've written for the latest installment of the Transformers movie series. Check it out below.

As Gigwise reports, the Las Vegas band crafted "Battle Cry" especially for "Transformers: Age of Extinction" after watching early footage of the forthcoming action film. The full track is yet to be unveiled, but you can listen to 53 seconds of it below.

Transformers director Michael Bay said of Imagine Dragon's contribution to the soundtrack: "We're incredibly lucky that Dan [Reynolds], Wayne [Sermon], Ben [McKee] and Daniel [Platzman] were available to work with us.

"I remember being drawn to the emotion of 'Demons' and 'Radioactive' the first time I heard those songs, and I knew I wanted that same energy and heart for this movie. They've created a really epic, otherworldly sound for 'Battle Cry'," he added.

Imagine Dragons have also contributed original music to the film's soundtrack alongside Hans Zimmer and composer Steve Jablonsky.

"Transformers: Age of Extinction" opens on July 10.

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    One of the transformers is smoking a robot-cigar, this is getting way too stupid to watch.
    Flame me, but I don't understand the Imagine Dragon hate. Is this another 'that band is sooo popular so I must hate it' things?! Of course they are a pop band. So what? For pop, they do pretty well imo. There are so much more worse things out there...
    Right? I like Imagine Dragons. Bought the CD for my wife and the more I listened to it the more I liked it. I took her to see them live for Christmas and they put on a great show.
    Okay, Real Talk? That video almost seems like a SNL parody. "The Transformers are back... With Imagine Dragons!" *cut to the band sharing the screen with surviving Autobots* "Come on, gang! Let's show Galvatron the spirit of good ol' American music!" *high-fives all around*
    Fuck Michael Bay and Fuck Imagine Dragons. It's like worst combination of all time. Mixing Crap chocolate with piss water.
    I hate this song I haven't listened to it or read this article yet. I don't even know who Imagine Dragons are.
    Imagine Dragons are so incredibly mediocre it hurts. Also, this movie looks awful.
    Apparently, it'll be just another boring Hollywood blockbuster. 3D glasses and special effects uber alles, as per usual. And the song sounds like shit. Wow, this surely seems promising.
    Imagine Dragons is barely even a rock band, yet they advertise themselves as one. I can't stand when pop acts with instruments do that.
    I saw Imagine Dragons in concert last fall, it was beautiful. they have so much positive energy. However, I can easily say the songs they've done for movies just aren't a good representation of who they are and what they really sound like. Excited to see Transformers however!
    the movie advertises the robot parts but we all know its gonna be a bunch of bullshit human parts that no one wants to see,and imagine dragons? really? get some heavy shit its a god damn action movie!
    why u copyin thez real kery kingz?
    F@#& off, fake Kerry King. It was funny when kerryking01 did it, you just look like a sad unoriginal dick. You're not getting downvotes because you're trollin', you're getting downvotes because it's legitimately irritating.