Imagine Dragons: 'We've Got Lot of Growth and Maturing to Do'

Band talks plans for new record, hoping to make "a step in the right direction."

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Grammy Award winners Imagine Dragons discussed plans for a follow-up of their massively successful debut "Night Visions," admitting there's still plenty of musical maturing ahead of them.

Chatting with Billboard, frontman Dan Reynolds noted that the band is considering to take some time off after wrapping up the upcoming tour dates. As for the successor of 2012's double-platinum, drummer Daniel Platzman chipped in:

"We all think making an album you can listen to from beginning to end is really important. We took a long time to make sure 'Night Visions' was up to standard to us, and a lot of our favorite records growing up were that way. It's not like, 'Here's a song. Here's another song.' It's the album journey."

Getting to the thick of it, Reynolds explained that the demos recorded so far are "definitely different. It's still Imagine Dragons, but we've got a lot of growth and maturing do do as a band.

"This is our first album," the singer pointed out. "We're a young band. So I think [the new material] is going to hopefully be a step in the right direction. We're just trying to create and do what comes out and what feels right."

Agreeing with Platzman that the group was always their own worst critic, Dan concluded, "There's no pressure because we really have been so in our own bubble, on the road. Honestly, I don't think any of the numbers mean anything to us. When people are like, 'The record went triple-platinum in Canada,' I don't think any of us comprehend that.

"It's like being in the eye of the hurricane. These things sound like nice numbers to us, but, honest truth, none of us got into music to be recognized or get a girl or anything like that. We're doing music because we're unhappy if we weren't doing music."

Imagine Dragons will wrap up their current tour by early April, but still have several festival dates in Europe scheduled for July.

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    In a year, once their shit... I mean hit single runs it's course people will for sure be saying who the hell are Imagine Dragons.
    More imagine dragons news: + Dan Reynolds: 'People Are Still Saying 'Who Are Imagine Dragons?'' Seriously, who the **** are they?
    either you are terrible at sarcasm or you live under a rock.
    Or maybe he just doesn't listen to the radio.
    Who would listen to the Radio these days? Have you heard of the crap they play?
    Nope. But that's because I never listen to the radio. And now we've come full circle, good job guys, regroup same time next week!
    one of the worst garbage pop bullshit bands i've ever heard… dumber for having heard them.
    It's so funny their articles are always the frontman saying very insignificant things and then the comments is just a bunch of criticism.
    The record companies pushed their last album HARD - The radio stations (Rock/Pop/Hip Hop) drilled Radioactive and Demons into our heads sooo f*cking much this past year. I bet their next album is going to flop.
    Josh homme shall assrape your imagination with his dragon??? ah shert i's dwunk sowwy. Seriously though imagine dragons suck. Why the eff is there a story on UG about them...