In Flames Kick Off New Album Recording

Band enters Hansa Studios in Berlin, record due in early 2014.

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Swedish metallers In Flames have confirmed entering Berlin's Hansa Studios (Depeche Mode, U2) to kick off recording sessions for their eleventh album, tentatively due in early 2014. Singer Anders Friden couldn't hide the excitement of recording at such iconic studio where Iggy Pop's "Lust for Life" or David Bowie's "Heroes" came to be. "When I visited Hansa Studios earlier this year, I got goosebumps," Friden told Expressen (via Blabbermouth). "There is so much history both inside and surrounding the studio and I want to be a part of that. Magic has been created here and hopefully that will affect us." Earlier in August, the five-piece announced commencing the writing process for the new release, so it would seem that everything is heading along as planned among the In Flames ranks. "We have to do another record; well, don't have to, it sounds like [I'm being punished], but I really enjoy that process," guitarist Bjorn Gelotte told KQXR 100.3 the X Rocks back in late May. "It kind of sucks a bit because I really like touring here, have a lot of friends over here and there's a lot of people coming out to the shows. It's gonna be sad to go home, but we know we're going to be back and do it the next, I don't know, 25 years." The latest In Flames studio effort, "Sounds of a Playground Fading," was released in June 2011 via Century Media Records, debuting at No. 27 on the US Billboard 200 chart. Last month, the band premiered the title track video, check it out below.

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    Although the last few albums had some good tunes, the albums themselves didn't really stand out to me. Hopefully the band can find their stride again.
    Hopefully we get some awesome clean stuff as well as some awesome heavy stuff. Something to look forward to
    Always enjoy a good In Flames album, good to hear we could have some new material, Whoracle is probably my favorite album of theirs.
    The last album was ok. Some of the songs where pretty good but the one thing that bothered me was the drums. They sounded so boring and uninspired. I hope the next album feels more inspired and I would really like some faster and more rough songs. It's good to hear that they are making another album though!
    Sweet.. Their last album was some of the best music I've heard. So tasteful
    their last album was the worst music I ever heard. can't wait for the new one, to laugh my ass off again
    There are gonna be quite a few (possibly great) new albums next year. In Flames, Megadeth, Bullet For My Valentine, Linkin Park. Aren't Iron Maiden working on one as well?