In Flames on Music Industry Changes: 'You Have to Be Online All the Time'

Vocalist Anders Friden points out the importance of online presence in the modern music business.

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With online social networks and the Internet in general thriving over the past several years, the rules of the music business have significantly changed, which is something In Flames singer Anders Friden is well aware of.

During a recent chat on Full Metal Jackie radio show, the vocalist pointed out that although he's not too much into online promotion, it's crucial to maintain a solid online presence to reach the audience these days.

"It's all about the actual song and the whole industry is so different today with downloading and you have to be present online all the time, the Instagrams, the Facebooks, the Twitters I think younger bands are way better than us with that," Friden said (via Loudwire). "It's hard to do all these things."

The vocalist continued, saying, "I guess we learn from them to be present online, for me it's more about the music and that other stuff it's like, 'Do I have to do that?' It is important and it is a cool thing with this new media that you can reach out to so many people.

Friden also discussed the changes he went through during the group's 23-year career, confessing that although not much had changed, he isn't captivated by the music as he used to be.

"I think I listen in the same way, maybe not I'm not as obsessed with bands anymore as I was," he said. "I can relate to the fans today who are so into everything that you do, if you change your hair, you change this or that it affects them in a big way that's something today that I don't care about as much but I can relate to that because that's how I was when I was younger as well."

The latest reports indicate that the group is looking to take a year off in order to focus on their new record. The current In Flames release, "Sounds of a Playground Fading," dropped back in June 2011 via Century Media Records, debuting at No. 27 on the Billboard 200 chart.

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    I wonder if they'll release a tab book for their records if we get ten thousand signatures on I can play a fist full of their songs, but it's such a ball-ache to work it out from 'mostly' correct tabs. One thing's for certain, their recent stuff is much harder than their earlier stuff (solos excluded)
    I wish, but i saw an interview with Bjorn where he said people should learn songs by ear like he did. I agree with him to a point but some of the songs with the layers of guitar like on Jester Race or Whoracle it's tough to do.
    He is right, it's like you have to hire someone just to run online promotions.
    Meh, I miss pre-Reroute to Remain In Flames....
    Way to pull the "Their earlier albums were much better"(condescending tone)card. It makes you look so cool
    Nobody is doing it to look cool. They really are far worse than they used to be.
    sound of my interest fading ,i really hope the next album is more gyroscope-like