In Flames Reveal Future Hopes

Band say signing with Sony could lead to an increase in exposure.

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Swedish metallers In Flames say signing with Sony was a move which could expand their fan base.

The band release their 11th album "Siren Charms" via Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment, on September 9 and guitarist Bjorn Gelotte is delighted with the deal.

He tells RockNLive (via Metal Hammer): "When we started recording, we didn't have a label. So when it came to thinking about having the album released, we had the possibility of having people listen to what we were doing.

"Sony were really interested. They have lots of experience and they have a different approach to certain things."

And the guitarist believes In Flames have a broad appeal that extends beyond heavy metal.

He says: "We have an album and music that is accessible to more than just the metal scene. This might be a way to combine forces and at least get people to hear about what we're doing."

The album was recorded at Hansa studios in Germany, and while the guitarist was skeptical when vocalist Anders Friden suggested the location, he says the move paid off and gave Siren Charms a "melancholic vibe."

He tells ArtistDirect: "So many classic albums have come from there. Anders felt he could get inspired or something might rub off on the band. He was certain it was important for us to do that.

"David Bowie, U2 and Depeche Mode have recorded there but I was pretty sure it wasn't going to change anything. Listening back to it now, it did. There's a certain melancholic vibe to the album that I'm note sure would've happened anywhere else."

Along with the album release, In Flames head out on European tour in October, which includes three UK dates.

Read the exclusive UG interview with Bjorn Gelotte here.

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    As much as I love this band, this new watered-down metal they're playing is not for my taste, I'd love to see them bring back that Whoracle sound, they seem more concerned with reaching a newer fanbase with this more accessible sound, which isn't a bad thing, just isn't for my personal tastes. They are still one of the best live bands I have ever seen though!
    given how Melodic Death Metal is making a comeback with Carcass, Arch Enemy, and now At The Gates. It would be the perfect time for them to return to their roots.
    Said it before and I'll say it again. In Flames died with Jespers departure. And I don't mean that in a bitchy fanboy way, but that's just my observation. Even if he wasn't the main songwriter on the last album he worked on he still had a major influence you can't deny. The new songs released so far would have been a major disappointment if I had hoped for something better, but thankfully I didn't.
    I love In flames but the song they released failed to get me psyched for the new album,no matter much as I wanted to get into them. The album can still be perfectly good, though.
    I used to hate In Flames stuff after Clayman until one day when I listened to Reroute to Remain with a pair of really nice headphones. I was able to hear every detail and now i fully appreciate and vastly prefer the newer material. So i cant wait for Siren Charms.
    I can understand that they want more fame or money or whatever after such a great carrier and so low recognition, but please, In Flames, don't kill youself by starting to play generic alterative metal/rock. And Anders, stop dressing like a hipster.
    Have to agree with Svelle,the vibe is pretty well altered with this band without Jesper.I pretty much dont expect anything surprising from Siren Charms to be honest,they just arent in the mind for the real Jester anymore it seems,hopefuly that will change in the future..But I will certainly give this a listen through despite those things.