In Flames Won't Fall Into Queensryche Trap

artist: In Flames date: 07/04/2011 category: music news
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In Flames Won't Fall Into Queensryche Trap
In Flames frontman Anders Friden has warned his fans they will NEVER try and replicate any of their old albums or try and make a Part II of any of their previous work. Friden also pointed to one of his own personal favourite bands for an example of when trying to follow on an original classic ends in disaster. He told RockAAA: "We don't sound the same as we did in the early days. Our essence is still the same within our hearts. We do still try to write the best possible In Flames songs and we had that vision when we started and we blend metal and aggression." "but we are not the same people as we were when we started. we never want to do the same album twice. i love what we did in the early days but those albums should not be repeated because that would be a disaster." "We can't write the 'Jester Race' part two as that would sound terrible. It wouldn't do justice to that album. For me one of the best metal band's ever is Queensyche and their 'Operation MindCrime' is one of my favourite albums. But part two not really. You shouldn't do that and we will never do a part two of anything." On the subject of breaking into new territories Friden also insisted while keen to earn new fans it wasn't something which particularly troubled him. He added: "I love people to listen to our music. We've been touring in the UK a long time but we haven't done so many of our own tours as we've done a few with other people. I think our music should be heard by more people in the UK definitely." "Especially looking at all the American bands who go down so well over there, they should definitely lend an ear to In Flames." "If it happens it happens but it is not something which keeps me up at night." Thanks for the report to
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