Incubus Advice to Upcoming Artists: 'Be Wary of Advice'

"In other words, follow your inner compass," says frontman Brandon Boyd.

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When asked about the word of advice he could give to upcoming young bands, Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd came up with an interesting answer, saying that advice is something to be cautious with in the first place.

"I learned early on that it would probably behoove my creative spirit to be wary of advice," the singer told Huffington Post. "That's what I always tell people when they're like, 'Do you have any advice for me?' 'Yeah. Be wary of advice.'"

Boyd elaborated further, "In other words, follow your inner compass. Only you know what the right thing to do is. Everybody's path is just a little bit different at the very least, and sometimes, drastically different. Even if one of your heroes is giving you advice and it could sound like really great advice and it could be coming from a really pure place - coming from the voice of your hero - but everyone's path is different."

Apart from reminiscing the old days, frontman also focused on the future and his upcoming full-length album "Sons of the Sea," due out September 24.

"This project was kind of made a bit more in the spirit of how I grew up, drawing and painting, which I still do often," he said. "It's a very joyous expression for me, to paint, and making music is another medium for me. It was only one other person I was collaborating with, Brendan O'Brien, and he's such a wonderfully effortless musician in so many ways. I'm a much more labored musician, definitely much more of a lyricist and a singer."

The latest Incubus studio effort, "If Not Now, When?" saw its release back in July 2012 via Epic Records as the group's seventh record, landing at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart.

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    I'm gonna take his advice and not take his advice then.
    But if you didn't take his advice, then you would be taking his advice to not take his advice. And if you did take his advice, you wouldn't be taking his advice to not take his advice. Anyone else's brain hurt?
    I'm always thinking this whenever I read those advices from other musicians. It's always different from band to band, and from person to person
    Yep, plus the industry has changed dramatically since a lot of them started, so a lot of advice isn't necessarily relevant or ever right.
    I was thinking i love incubus but this is some confusing advice. Then i read on and it actually makes a lot of sense