Incubus Guitarist Involved With New Avicii Album: 'We Wrote a Few Songs Together'

"Wake Me Up" co-author continuing collaboration with EDM star.

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Incubus guitarist and co-author of Avicii's global hit "Wake Me Up," Mike Einziger, has confirmed plans to continue collaborating with the EDM star, even announcing "a few songs" on the way.

As reported, Avicii rounded up an impressive guest-star roster for his upcoming sophomore release, featuring such rock icons as Jon Bon Jovi, Serj Tankian, Billie Joe Armstrong and more.

During a recent Dancing Astronaut interview, Mike discussed his relationship with both Avicii and "EDM culture" in great detail, going back to early introductions.

"I first got connected with Avicii about a year and a half ago," the guitarist said. "I realized he produced that song 'Levels' which I personally think is kind of a masterpiece production-wise, I figured if he can do that he'd be someone I'd like to get together and work with."

Further elaborating, Einziger explained how "Wake Me Up," which was co-produced by Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda, was the very first track they delivered. "We spoke for a few hours and made a plan to write songs together, and the very first thing that happened when we worked together is we wrote 'Wake Me Up.' That was our first attempt at writing music together, which is crazy looking back on it," he said.

"We were able to just sit down at talk about ideas that were exciting, things were flowing very easily. So the first time we got together it just seemed like the ideas came very quickly and easily," the guitarist added, describing Avicii as someone "very specific about things he likes and doesn't like. Somebody who's very opinionated and knows what they like and don't like, that's really important, a good thing right off the bat."

Saying "that it's completely amazing that any person who can get their hands on music making programs can change the world with music," Mike praised another electro music star, adding that "Skrillex is, in my opinion, one of the most important musicians of the last ten years. Very few people can change the way music sounds that dramatically."

Finally, the axeman focused on future plans with Avicii, revealing that there's definitely a new album on the horizon. "Tim, I believe is trying to get ready to put a new album out, probably later in the year. We wrote a few new songs together. We did one together with Billie Joe of Green Day, that one's really exciting. We did a few with AlunaGeorge, some stuff with Wyclef and Matisyahu," he stated.


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    I'll listen to pretty much anything Mike is involved in. He's an extremely underrated guitarist as well as songwriter.
    How genuinely interesting. There were so many interesting pieces of knowledge to be gleaned from this article.
    Incubus has some great stuff, but I gotta say - "Wake Me Up" is better than anything on the last Incubus album, IMO...