Incubus Received Environmentalists of the Year Award

Band receives recognition for their efforts from Surf Industry Manufacturers Association.

Ultimate Guitar

US rockers Incubus were awarded "Environmentalists of the Year" at last week's Waterman's Ball, annually hosted by Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (SIMA).

Following the steps of previous honorees Eddie Vedder and Jack Johnson, Brandon Boyd and co. had their efforts recognized as Rob Machado handed them the award, Huffington Post reports.

"They were selling out arenas around the world, and soon recognized an opportunity to leverage this new platform to give back," said Urgency Network director Brandon Deroche. "As guys who grew up surfing and going to the beach, they naturally began by setting their sights on organizations who shared their love for the ocean. This lead to an ongoing history of working with groups like Heal the Bay, Waterkeeper, Surfrider Foundation, Reefcheck and Save the Waves."

He explained further, "I am incredibly grateful to get to work with such a talented, and yet completely humble group. The Make Yourself Foundation was always geared to be simple, so the thought of receiving an award for environmental work probably had never crossed the minds of Brandon and company. The reason they do it? Because they can."

The five-piece recently joined forces with Urgency Network in a series of charity efforts, offering fans a chance to win various prizes, such as a surf lesson from Boyd himself in exchange for charity support and promotion.

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