Incubus To Take A Break

artist: Incubus date: 07/01/2008 category: music news
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Incubus To Take A Break
Having just completed a year-and-a-half-long tour to promote their 2006 album "Light Grenades," the members of California rock band Incubus will take a break while they pursue a variety of academic and personal endeavors. On August 23, guitarist Mike Einziger will unveil an orchestral piece in concert at UCLA's Royce Hall in Los Angeles. The concert will serve as a precursor to his enrollment in Harvard's music school to study composition next year. But he's not the only one returning to higher education, as frontman Brandon Boyd also plans to enroll in a university art program. "And, our drummer (Jose Pasillas) is having a baby, so there's a lot of normal life stuff going on right now - school, babies, mortgages," Boyd told The band does have one more gig on its schedule: the VH1 Rock Honors salute to the Who on July 12 in Los Angeles alongside Pearl Jam, the Foo Fighters, Flaming Lips and Tenacious D. But afterward, Boyd expects Incubus will probably lay low for an extended period of time. "I'm of the mind to say it wouldn't be a bad thing to disappear for a year or two years," he says. "a lot of people would say culture moves too fast and you need to remind people, but i would argue there's not any rush. maybe they'll be a sex scandal or an arrest or something to keep us in the news." Thanks for the info to Reuters.
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