Industry Opinion: MIDEM Conference Roundup

The annual music industry event in the south of France is about more than just parties, booze and strippers - there's a couple of interesting conferences where the news pot is given a good stir too.

Ultimate Guitar

MIDEM is the annual music industry event in France, where the great, the good and the ugly in the business get together to learn, talk and get drunk.

We're not in attendance, but have been keeping an eye on the newswire. So what's the latest to emerge from this critical industry event?

First of all, a congratulations to our friends at Instrumagic. Their Songful app, which turns your iPad into a strumming guitar with the Ultimate Guitar tab library, won a Midemlab award. Congratulations! It's a great app, so if you haven't tried it yet, search for "Songful" on the app store or click here to go straight to Songful on your device.

Meanwhile, the new MySpace has taken a battering from indie labels who think it's acting a bit too high and mighty for its own good.

Last week we reported on how MySpace was illegally streaming music from independent labels because its deal with Merlin, which represents indies, expired in 2011. MySpace has since told the indies to find any offending tracks and send takedown requests but the question is, should MySpace have taken them down itself in the first place?

Now the angry indie label bods have struck out at MySpace in a panel discussion (via Music Ally):

"I don't want to engage in Google-bashing, but there is a sense of unease across Europe, across the world about Google," he said. "Google have been making encouraging noises about restricting illegal sites or directions to illegal sites for acquiring music. The noises are very encouraging, but I'd like to see some action. It's as simple as that."

Finally, staff from epic underground music player Tomahawk which can play any music in any country, completely legally, was at Midem and announced a new API for developers to tap into its cross-platform power. In English, that means lots of awesome music apps are on the way while developers use it to pimp out their own app projects.

All in all, a fairly quiet year for MIDEM news, but still a powerful hub in the music world. Got any questions? Fire away in the comments.

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    Quite interesting how the indie labels complaining about Myspace consists of complaints about Google in a totally unrelated field.
    I feel like this whole Myspace/indie label thing could've been avoided if Myspace had done a better job of letting people know they were rebuilding instead of all the sudden being like "hey! we're makin a comeback!". And also having the forsight to renew the Merlin contract.