Insane Clown Pose Suing FBI Over 'Gang Classification'

Classification is described as "unconstitutionally vague."

Ultimate Guitar

Horrorcore-rap duo Insane Clown Posse are suing the Department of Justice and the FBI for identifying Juggalos (the name given to ICP fans) as gang members, Rolling Stone reports. The complaint, filed in federal court in Detroit this morning reads "organized crime is by no means part of the Juggalo culture."

The FBI classifies Juggalos as "a loosely-organized hybrid gang." The ICP's lawyers claim that the "unconstitutionally vague" profiling of Juggalos has intimidated fans from expressing themselves, and denied them protection from unreasonable searches.

Speaking with Rolling Stone, Insane Clown Posse's Violent J notes that the duo's outsider status has led to the classification "We don't fit in anywhere. And when people don't understand you, people fear you. All we're trying to do is be like the Stephen King of music. We like to tell horror stories."

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    I have never seen an ICP fan in my entire life. And even if I meet one someday, I'll force myself into believing that it is just a mirage.
    It amuses me how the fatter of the two just stopped painting mid-chins. Understandably - that facepaint must've been quite the expense for the band.
    Jesus yeah, he has porked up. I remember when he was fit enough to be a professional wrestler haha
    ICP isn't about being violent, guys. They're ignorant dudes that are PRETENDING to be violent.
    Steven King of music?!Cut me some slack,will ya...
    Sorry to be pedantic, but it's Stephen, not Steven. It is in the article. But yeah Stephen King is good, unlike ICP
    Yeah, bit unfair they're being classed as a gang, hope they get it cleared. But Steven King of music? Sorry, Stephen King of music? Stephen King's good though....
    "profiling of Juggalos has intimidated fans from expressing themselves" I doubt that, they can still by trailers and wife beaters . . . right?
    I'll preface this by saying I don't think ICP are very good artists and I think they are the definition of gimmicky and have some of the worst/ most annoying fans in all of music. That being said, they have every right that every other citizen has, and the same goes for their fans. They should not be subjected to unlawful searches or classified as criminals simply because they identify as juggalos. They have all the rights everyone else is entitled to and if we strip them of their rights what say do we have to our own rights.
    Agreed. Imagine if that gun was being pointed at metalheads instead, it's the same scenario. It's a subculture, not a gang. With that said, metalheads tend to look like biker gang members, particularly those like myself with a giant Motorhead patch on the back of my jacket, ha ha!
    some of the juggalos do pretty retarded shit though, but to cast all of them as a gang is pretty stupid on the FBI's part. But given the fact that some of them have committed crimes, they might fit the FBI's profile of a gang so, ICP might lose this one.
    This is such a joke. Look at these people. They dress as clowns and are trying to make demands?? Solution to the problem: you can be an ICP fan just don't call yourself a Juggalo.
    If the fans don't want to be classified as a gang, maybe they should stop acting like one?
    Jacques Nel
    These guys feed off of attention. And anyway, they want to portray a badass image, why sue people? Isn't it badass that your fans are classified as gangsters? It's like the school badass going to complain to the principal because someone called him a bad name.
    I don't care much for Eminem, but in a past argument, I defended that eminem was a better artist than ICP, mainly using the fact that he's the best-selling artist of the 2000's. This Juggalo said that Eminem couldn't be as good as ICP because he doesn't have any "hats or shirts with his band name on it". I'm pretty sure she meant merch. This is just an idea of what their fans are about. Also, I'm pretty sure the guy with diamond status album sales would have some kind of merchandise.
    Honest to God, I cannot understand how people can conclude that juggalos are stupid or immature for painting their faces. I've seen much stranger things in my life than somebody painting their face with something that washes off. I'd put the whole concept up there with wearing goth clothing, chains, piercings, tattoos, growing your hair long or dying it, wearing nothing but camo or band shirts, on and on... it's how a good portion of people identify themselves. It's especially strange that people would pick and choose juggalos, considering how different almost every alternative subculture is from the general public. Imagine if your normal, everyday appearance would invite infinitely more scrutiny from the cops, possibly to the point of greenlighted hostility.
    I have had the displeasure of working a show for a former members new project and several other artists in this vein. I have worked brutal grindcore, death and thrash metal shows and aside from stagediving and other expected mayhem the fans were respectful and courteous to everyone on the staff and followed the rules and acted accordingly. These morons either couldnt comprehend the rules or simply think that they dont aply to them. It was non-stop bullshit with the fans and the performers. As a warning to all other promoters AVOID THIS SHIT LIKE THE PLAGUE!! If you act like a gang ad cant follow society's rules then your a gang --just ask the hell's angels MC
    The Steven King of music? Wow...get over yourselves. You only got mildly noticed because of the way you do your 'dress up thing'. Not your music. And please do not call yourselves musicians. Ive had farts than sounded better than your 'music'.
    I used to call the girls that go to clubs and congregate in a circle around the dance floor Insane Clown Pose. They wore too much make-up and said stupid sh*t like "You can't handle this". I'd say "Yeah, I's sex. You make it sound like if I tap ya a SWAT team is going to bust down the door." Dumb chicks.
    C. Jasper
    Their stuff is funny to listen to but I wouldn't be caught dead acting the way their music is portrayed. Even so, it's a bunch of crap that their hatchet man logo is considered a gang symbol. If I have a dead head bumper sticker or a floyd shirt then the cops would probably target me just the same and initiate a search over bs, or attempt to. But if my prism logo was considered a gang sign i have no right to refuse a search or exercise my other rights? That's wrong. The fbi can go f@#* themselves. Millions of christians have persecuted other cultures for not accepting christ as their savior... So what, is the crusifix a gang symbol? They won't do an illegal search and seizure on their car, because a good christian boy would never do drugs or drink and drive would they? If i see more than 9 feds together i swear im calling them in for gang banging. Fascist bastards.