Insane Clown Posse Sue FBI

After the FBI labelled all their Juggalo fans as an official gang, the band have fought back with a lawsuit. Whatever you think of the band, it's a cause that deserves some support - read more about it here.

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The Insane Clown Posse have filed a lawsuit against the FBI for classifying their Juggalo fan base as a gang.

This means fans of the band are considered the equivalent of Bloods, Crip or the Aryan Brotherhood.

The effects of this label means that anyone arrested while wearing Insane Clown Posse merch, or displaying a tattoo of the band, will be charged as a gang member which can have serious implications on the type of punishment they receive.

Worse, there is a fear that real gangs who use violence will start to target their fans.

"The idea of calling the Juggalos and Juggalettes a "gang" is straight up bullsh-t," said the band on their website. "We are not a gang! We are a family! We come together for our luv of the Insane Clown Posse, Psychopathic Records, and our Juggalo pride".

They continued: "This is the first time in the history of rock-n-roll that any music fans have been labeled as a "gang" and that's probably because it makes no damn sense!"

Whatever you think of the rap outfit, it's a serious matter and their cause deserves some support in the name of music.

If you're an ICP fan who has been affected by the new gang affiliation, you can visit for free legal help.

Watch their emotional plea to fans at their annual Gathering of the Juggalos in the video below.

What do you think of the new FBI policy? Will you be defending their cause? Share your view in the comments.

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    Charles Manson had a "family" ..... look how that ended
    Not into ICP but if this stands, why won't the Gov't start using this strategy to target fans of any band they decide is subversive/dangerous/anti-American/whatever? Isn't this a parallel to racial profiling? Sort of a "musical profiling"...crazy...reminds me of SOAD's, 'Prison Song', "The percentage of Americans in the prison system, has doubled since 1985".
    Why would they even use the term 'rock n' roll'? They're no where close to that.... *major facepalm*
    The FBI thinks these fans are a gang, ICP think they're rock n roll, we all make mistakes. ...Very, very big mistakes.
    If juggalo's are gonna be considered a gang then I want beliebers to be considered a gang
    I am not a fan of ICP, but i support ICP on this. It's bullshit. Doesn't KISS have the KISS army? That sounds violent. For Christ sucks, LEAVE THEM ALONE.
    yeahhhhh. riiiiight. it sounds violent. that doesn't mean it is violent. pretty sure i've never heard of the kiss army engaging in violent, gang like behavior. derp
    In my experience, Juggalos act exactly like a gang. Call it a family if you want, but I grew up with the mother****ers.
    Sounds ridiculous, but I suppose the FBI have a good reason for doing so? I mean, the FBI won't just do such a thing if there was no reason to, right?
    I've no personal experience with ICP fans, but I have heard many stories about the concerts and their afterermath being very violent. This band does not exactly come across as very intelligent, and never seem to balance out their aggressive lyrics with any common sense. Perhaps they may not be selling meth on streetcorners, but if they are spokepersons of aggression with a notoriously hostile fanbase, I see nothing wrong in the FBI's reasoning.
    Yeah perhaps they should cool it on all their hip lingo and profanity but how can you see this as right? They have no business being in the same sentence with Crips and all that bullshit. I personally went to an ICP concert a few years ago and there was no violence whatsoever. Sure seeing all these people in facepaint was kinda strange but everyone was friendly. You're a ****ing sheep. These guys are right in suing the FBI and I think they will win. It'll be overturned.
    uh yeah, and thats why i dont listen to these dumba$$ed retards. they think they're gonna win the lawsuit? they'll be behind bars for inspiring so many young criminals
    lol, they're definitely "insane".
    They're also definitely "clown"s But, according to them, they are by no means definitely a "posse". ICF just didn't have a nice ring to it.
    Insane Clown Friends? I know you meant family, like he said, but I like Insane Clown Friends better. Sounds like a really weird kids show.
    what family love? it was supposed to be a fan name/term. nowadays with more and more idiots listening to their music, they are pretty much gang members, high school drop outs, think smoking weed is the "best" thing in the world, always wanting to beat up somebody. if youre a juggalo, get a damn life and grow up.
    All the hate and downvotes are flat out appalling. What about back in the day when you couldn't go to Cleveland with any Pitt. Steelers parapanalia? My uncle got beaten, HOSPITALIZED!!!! for getting out of his car (with Steelers bumper sticker), in Cleveland. Are Cleveland Browns fans a gang? Beating down a stranger for a logo sure sounds like gangbanger mentality to me. So WTF? I like ICP. I admit it. I'm not exactly a Juggalo, but I like their crazy, demented wicked shit. They have a lot of horror-themed stuff. And by typing that out, I'm going to get downvotes and nasty replies on here. So ****ing what. I'm 100% geek, 0% gangbanger. If I'm wearing a hatchetman tshirt, that doesn't automatically change.
    Actually, no the Cleveland Browns fans would not be considered a gang because this is a different situation. Juggalos being called a gang has nothing to do with ICP. It has to do with groups of Juggalos going by a name and uniform and continually taking part in criminal activity. Not just a one time thing, and in your scenario it was just some retards who take sports too seriously. Unless those Browns fans were calling themselves The Browns and continually taking part in criminal activity, they would not be considered a gang.
    I've studied Juggalos for a while. For the most part, their all pretty harmless. Sure they're pretty white trash and gross, but that has hardly anything to do with the music of ICP. I personally don't think you should put them on the same level as M13 or the Crips. Those are real gangs that's done real harm to communities.
    And BTW I shold mention... I left my hometown about 2 years ago because of the gang crap spreading. None of that gang crap had anything to do with ICP, Pyschopathic, Hatchetman or anything. There were a fair amount of Juggalos, and not all of them upstanding citizens, I'll concede. But there weren't Juggalo gangs or anything. (sorry for the double post, but this is %$#%ing me off)
    Okay first I want to mention, they are not classified as a gang. They are classified as a Hybrid Gang. It's a different status. It means they recognize that not every juggalo takes part in criminal activity, but they have to keep watch because plenty of groups running around calling themselves juggalos ARE partaking in that activity and it's not just a trend in a single area. Many motorcycle clubs get viewed the same way, because not every member partakes in one percenter activity but enough do that it needs to be documented. There is nothing wrong with the FBI doing this. They're documenting the fact that there are groups of people who partake in criminal activity and have a specific look and name. That's sort of what a gang is. This is their job.
    Lol, I wonder how many juggalos at my school are going to not be around anymore because of this.
    Anyone whom agrees that juggalos should be considered a gang are quite simply the quintessence of ignorance itself, especially if one has no association with anyone who claims to be a juggalo. Being a juggalo is about family love, it's about a love of clowning around, wearing face paint, spraying each other down with faygo and having an all around good time. Their lyrics promote God, and the only lyrics they have that promote agression specifically target the rich man whom opress the poor people, a sort of robin hood stance. Anyone who claims to be a juggalo and commits random crimes and acts of violence that don't target corrupt politicians or other wealthy figures whom steal from the poor and enslave us are posers with no real juggalo affiliation. We are not an aggressive people. We are generous and full of love to the point at which we call each other FAMILY. The only reason the government has labled us as gang members is because we are a group of the most intelligent people in the country and we are able to see the injustice and oppression that the government is putting it's people through. They have labled us a gang simply because they are afraid that we are intelligent enough to start a revolution and end the corrupt politicians oppressian of and profit from the poor people of our nation whom pay taxes. this is absolutely ridiculous and is the same as me declaring that you are in a gang because you listen to ACDC and they have a song called dynamite so obviously you will wish to blow things up after listeneng to their music.
    Don't forget the Fucking rainbows after it rains. Anybody who claims they can understand how that works is clearly lying.
    So the song toxic love is implying to be a family by ****ing toxic sludge barrels? I gave icp a try and it is all pointless shit. Those morons rap like "tough" teenagers.
    F you, you fat rednecks. Don't ever put your trailer trash, Jerry Springer posse in the same sentence as NWA again. Juggalos smell worse than hippies.
    Soo... What would their colours be? If it's red, white and blue, then yeah, those other three gangs are gonna **** 'em up, not to mention the American military.
    Gang clothing is not based entirely on colours. Some gangs don't even have a gang colour. You also have logos/symbols and the WAY they wear their clothes.
    Also I want to say by stating that some don't even have a colour, I want to be clear that I mean literal colours. "Colours" is sometimes just used to refer to gang uniform. Not necessarily green, red, blue, etc.