Ireland's Oxegen Festival Cancelled

Organisers blame a lack of headline acts combined with financial demands.

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Ireland's Oxegen festival has been cancelled, NME reports.

The event was due to take place in County Kildare this year, though no act or dates had been announced prior to the cancelation.

A short statement published on the festival's website yesterday (April 21) confirms that the even has been cancelled with a lack of headline acts and financial issues both to blame.

The statement issued by organisers MCD reads: "It is with regret that MCD announce that Oxegen will not take place this year due to lack of suitable headline acts which combined with the financial demands by local agencies make it no longer viable to stage the Festival in its current form."

Oxegen has been held at Punchestown Racecourse every year since 2004 but took a year off in 2012. Previous headliners of the three day events include the Strokes, the Killers, the Cure and Foo Fighters while the 2013 Oxegen brought performances from Calvin Harris and Snoop Dogg.

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    I can assure you you're better off. It's infamously known as a hell hole with TERRIBLE music in Ireland. Electric Picnic is where you want to be
    Yeah but it means all the nutcases who went to Oxygen will now wreck Electric Picnic instead.
    Oxegen used to be good. Last years line up was just awful, numbers almost halved. It's a shame...
    What I'm worried about now is an influx of absolute scobes to the picnic, completely ruining the buzz. It'll be repackaged and put on again anyway, same as witness was, sure, festival republic, the company that runs the picnic is half owned by MCD anyway
    It used to be the best festival in Europe as far as music goes. Just look at the 2010/2011 lineups, quality all the way through! Then they decided to shoot themselves in the foot last year. Good riddance.
    Oxegen's shit. I won't miss it if it's gone. Belsonic's the best festival in Ireland; the middle of the city venue, the apartments overlooking the stage (and you get free tickets if you live there), and most importantly the acts.
    Saw NIN at Belsonic last yeah show was great but ruined by the idiots in the overlooking apartments jeering during Hurt. They were also standing out there with their dogs, and babies without any ear protection. 'sides Belsonic is just a few bands, it doesn't come close to all the other stuff you get at Electric Picnic.
    I think Electric Picnic will be safe from the knackers and chavs as there's plenty of other festivals that they'd rather go to. Remember, they see it as a "gay hippy festival" but we know better