Iron Maiden Considering Opening Their Own Museum?

Band wants to create interactive exhibition.

Ultimate Guitar

In an interview with the Daily Star newspaper, Bruce Dickinson has revealed that Iron Maiden are considering using their stage equipment to present a brand new, interactive museum:

"We've got loads of gear kicking around. I don't want it to end up in some po-faced museum, with people in white suits saying 'Don't touch this'."

As Dickinson notes, the Maiden museum idea is in part inspired by his disaffection with the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame:

"I donated a jacket to the Rock 'n' Roll Hall Of Fame and it was locked away in a glass cabinet miles away from your eyes. Eddie's not that sensitive."

The singer also talked about issues with noise at outdoor concerts, noting that Iron Maiden shyed away from playing Hyde Park because they wouldn't be allowed to make a racket:

"Knebworth and Donnington are great. They let you make a racket which is all the fans want to hear.

"We considered playing Hyde Park again. The thought of filling central London with Iron Maiden fans is brilliant.

"However, the noise restrictions at Hyde Park are so silly. If somebody has a loud conversation you have to shush them."

Speaking on Black Sabbath's recent Hyde Park show, Dickinson had the following to say: "'Sabbath made their decision, but we looked at it and thought it's too tame."

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    While it would be cool to see all the stuff they've collected over the years, this would be another step closer to becoming the next Kiss... Next thing will be action figures!
    Agent 00Awesome
    If it was ANY other band, I'd have to agree with you. But come on, its Maiden. I think they can pretty much do anything and it'd be awesome.