Iron Maiden Fans Start Online Petition to Bring Back Original Eddie Artist

Fans want Riggs back to design artwork.

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Iron Maiden fans have started an online petition to bring artist Derek Riggs back into the fold.

As Classic Rock reports, Riggs, who illustrated the band's iconic artwork for 20 years, has not worked with Maiden since 2000. It's a situation that fans like Derek Tigner, who started the petition, would like to see reversed:

"Derek Riggs' artwork and visual direction is second to none. Many fans view his artwork to be as influential as the music Maiden produces. Things haven't been the same since he stopped being their exclusive artist - so we plead with the band to bring him back for any future artwork needs."

His petition, which requires 2000 signatures, has already reached 1600. You can check it out here.

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    I'm subscribed to his Facebook page "Derek Riggs Stuff" and he posts some cool stuff. Sells Eddie prints as well.
    That's awesome! I didn't know he had a Facebook page, totally gonna buy some of those prints.
    There's just one problem - a known fact that Derek Riggs absolutely HATES working with the guys from Iron Maiden, because of the way he's been treated by them and their management over the years.
    YEah that is a problem. All the signatures in the world can't convince someone to work with people they despise.
    Derek Riggs Rules!! Hey if Iron Maiden won't take him back, well why can't he do artwork for other bands!! Wouldn't you love to see a Ozzy Cover with his art, Black Label Society, Butcher Babies, Sky is the limit.
    I can see him working with Motorhead, imagine him bringing his art style to the Snaggletooth logo.
    That'd be really great. Riggs' artwork over the years has really helped shape Maiden into what they are now. He came up with Eddie after all!
    Im not die hard Maiden fan but those art works are cool as hell. When i think of classic metal albums and songs those art works pop to mind pretty quickly.
    Definitely want him back. There was an obvious decline in quality since he stopepd doing them. The new Eddie is a bit crap, if I'm honest. Head like a metroid.
    Hmmmm i dont really see the problem with the latest covers, with the exception of Dance of Death cover, which is indeed terrible. But, The Final Frontier cover may be at least in their top ten cover arts.
    Now Eddie Riggs name from Brutal Legend makes just a little more sense to me. Loved his art, just never did my research!
    Sure, this guy made the best Maiden covers, but i don't see the problem with the latest ones. AMOLAD it's not awesome but is good, and the artwork from TFF, must be my favorite cover after Powerslave and Brand New World. ( Dance of Death cover it's indeed awful though)
    Jobandcash take your spam elsewhere. Cant bloody stand spammers who just post their scams given any opportunity.
    I agree the album covers haven't been as iconic since. Why did he stop doing them anyway?