Iron Maiden Finish Three-Year World Tour, Stage Aerial Dogfight at Sonisphere 2014

Metal veterans followed aerial dogfight organised by frontman Bruce Dickinson.

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Iron Maiden headlined the second day of Sonisphere festival last night (July 5), finishing off an almost three-year-long world tour, NME reports.

Frontman Bruce Dickinson - who had earlier in the day flown a 1917 Fokker triplane as part of a First World War memorial - and the rest of the band took to the stage around 8.50pm and began their nearly two-hour set with "Moonchild" from 1988 album "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son."

"You're a loud and rowdy and thirsty bunch aren't you?" said Dickinson a few songs into the set. "Tonight is the last night of a three-year tour, its all been building to this. If we don't get it right tonight then we never will."

He then explained how they were going to change the set from their appearance at "the other place," meaning Sonisphere rival Download, in 2013, and began "Revelations." Dickinson said the last time he'd performed the song was at a charity event for Canterbury Cathedral, where he was accompanied by Jethro Tull. "That was much more sedate, but tonight we're giving it the full bollocks," he said. "That's a technical term."

"The Trooper," "Number of the Beast" and "Run to the Hills" appeared relatively early in the set, closing with "Fear of the Dark" and "Iron Maiden." After a short break, a short Winston Churchill speech played over images of World War II, before the band returned to play an encore of "Aces High," "The Evil That Men Do" and "Sanctuary." Dickinson also took time to thank the crew and team around the band as well as the fans for "making it real", adding: "But what's coming in the next few years is going to make it more real for you guys, believe me," perhaps hinting at a new album.

Bruce Dickinson also flew in the World War I memorial he'd organised for the occasion. Flying a Fokker Dr1 triplane, he was joined by members of the Great War Display Team, who together staged an eight-plane dogfight above a wooded area next to the festival site. With commentary and machine-gun fire playing throughout the display, Dickinson appeared to come out on top, "shooting down" two rivals before a final fly-by soundtracked by a live military brass band on stage.

Iron Maiden played:

01. Moonchild
02. Can I Play With Madness
03. The Prisoner
04. 2 Minutes to Midnight
05. Revelations
06. The Trooper
07. Number of the Beast
08. Phantom of the Opera
09. Run to the Hills
10. Wasted Years
11. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son12. Fear of the Dark13. Iron Maiden

Encore Break

14. Aces High15. The Evil That Men Do16. Sanctuary

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    This is probably the only metal band that progressively gets cooler as the years go by instead of the other way around.
    What, the years go by as they get cooler?
    Yes, Iron Maiden control the flow of time with their coolness. Without them getting cooler we would be stuck in a single point of time.
    Collective age of nearly 350, and they've just done a 3 year solid tour. Not only that, but they finish it at the biggest UK rock festival and fly in an air display on the same day. Yeah, I need to get my shit together and do something with my life.
    Funny how he said he never played "Revelations" since ..., because that's what he told us a month ago on FortaRock as well. Other than that, it's cool they played it though!
    I don't see how that show was more special than the others on the tour.
    For a band that shit talks to bourgeois and rips on "punk" they're awfully out of touch with reality. Just a bunch of aging "metal heads" acting like douche bags. Retire already.
    Sad to see he's just like another crazy european/north american. I'm glad Iran and North Korea are going nuclear. Brazil and other countries should go as well.
    Premise #1: Bruce is a singer. Premise #2: His performances are always energical. Conclusion: Let's start a nuclear war. Aristotle would be amazed.