Iron Maiden Frontman Helping Disabled People Learn to Fly

Bruce Dickinson talks charity involvement.

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Bruce Dickinson has many accolades to his name. He's not only the frontman of Iron Maiden, one of thew most successful bands of all time, but also an olympic class fencer and a qualified pilot.

Now, Dickinson can add charity work to his already impressive CV, because of his involvement in Flying Scholarships for Disabled People. Dickinson has been the vice-patron of the charity for three years. The organization's aim is to help disabled people realize their abilities through learning to fly.

Speaking to the Leicester Mercury (via Noisecreep) before this year's Download festival, Dickinson talked about his involvement in the charity:

"It's not just about teaching people with disabilities to fly, it's much more than that," he said. "It's about creating friendships, and there's a whole community around it and support system that comes with people encouraging each other.

"It's something I'm very proud to be involved in."

More information about the charity is available at

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    Anytime people bitch about metal making people evil, I show them Bruce Dickinson. Bad. Ass.
    ...And of course, right after I post, the gold medal shows up thereby making myself look stupid!
    Is there anyone more awesome than Bruce Dickinson?
    Chuck Norris!!
    I understand and respect where his heart is... but disabled people flying planes seems like I dunno, a bad idea. Flying planes is difficult enough, someone explain to me how this is a thing?
    so what if their disabled, its a very broad term that could mean all kinds of things that you dont even need to fly
    I must say the more and more i look into Bruce and what he does the more and more i love him. Not just a great song writer but also a great person and brilliant mind!