Iron Maiden Now Fronted By Doctor

artist: Iron Maiden date: 07/21/2011 category: music news

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Iron Maiden Now Fronted By Doctor
Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson - or rather, Dr Bruce Dickinson - has received an Honorary Doctorate of Music degree from Queen Mary University in London on Tuesday, to honor his contribution to the music industry. It is not the first fling Dickinson has had with the university who awarded him the degree, as he first studied there in 1979 on a history course - in order to please his parents while he found other musicians to start a band with. "That was what [my parents] wanted to hear so that was my cover story," he said. "When I got down there, I started immediately finding and playing in bands." Being a doctor and frontman in a leading heavy metal band are only the tip of his qualifications. According to Henne Music, Bruce is also an author, film script writer and TV broadcaster, a champion fencer, entrepreneur and commercial airline pilot for his band's plane, lovingly titled "Ed Force One". Iron Maiden are currently on "The Final Frontier" tour, which at one point was visited by popstar Lady Gaga, as reported elsewhere on our site today.
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