Iron Maiden, Rammstein Confirmed For Download 2013

artist: Iron Maiden date: 09/21/2012 category: music news
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Iron Maiden, Rammstein Confirmed For Download 2013
Download Festival organizers have revealed that the first two headliners of next year's festival event will be British metal legends Iron Maide and German outfit Rammstein. According to NME, Maiden will close out the first night of the festival on June 14th while Rammstein will headline the Sunday night. As NME notes, Maiden's performance comes exactly 25 years after the band first headlined Donington in 1988, back when it was known as the Monsters of Rock festival. The band will be performing their Maiden England set at Donington, which is based around the setlist that they used on their 1988 tour. Dickinson explained that the band had chosen to return to Donington because it is the only place in the UK where the band can make some proper noise: "It's the only place in the UK where you can make a proper racket. There might be places in Highlands of Scotland, but at Reading, if the wind blows the wrong you have to go and stand at the other end of the field". "And at Hyde Park if you ruffle a crisp packet you can't hear the music, it's all gone a bit PC. But not at Donington, where you can make a suitably loud racket". Rammstein, meanwhile, have been rather more subdued in their response to playing Download festival, as Classic Rock reports. Asked to comment on the news, the band responded: "It's only a festival - not a moon landing". Download festival organizer Andy Copping seems more enthusiastic about the band's appearance: "We're excited to welcome Rammstein to Donington for the very first time. They're an epic live act and a perfect Sunday headliner to cap off what's shaping up to be a fantastic festival". Download tickets are available from 9am on September 28 at Www.Downloadfestival.Co.Uk RIP ticket packages are already on sale via Www.Livenationexperience.Co.Uk.
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