Iron Maiden Singer Launching Aircraft Maintenance Business

artist: Bruce Dickinson date: 05/02/2012 category: music news
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Iron Maiden Singer Launching Aircraft Maintenance Business
According to, Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson has launched an aircraft maintenance business, Cardiff Aviation Ltd, which will be based at the Twin Peaks Hangar at St Athan, Vale of Glamorgan in Wales, United Kingdom. Dickinson, a qualified commercial pilot, and his company is leasing the 132,000 square-foot hangar from the Welsh government. Cardiff Aviation will maintain airliners and other large aircraft for major and independent airlines. It will also have facilities to complete the full range of ancillary aircraft maintenance and training activities and has the expertise and approvals to certify aircraft from many jurisdictions, including the USA. Commented Dickinson: "We're coming into this enterprise with the knowledge that we'll also be bringing business to south Wales. "South Wales has long had an association with the aircraft industry and I am delighted that I am able to have a small part in the continuation of that tradition."
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