Iron Maiden: Stockholm Concert Sells Out In Record-Breaking Time

Spectacular ticket demand for Iron Maiden was once again so great that the July 13, 2013 show sold out as quickly as the ticket system could handle.

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According to Blabbermouth, British heavy metal legends Iron Maiden are not only the first international act to announce their appearance at the magnificent national stadium in Stockholm - Friends Arena - they are also the first rock band to sell it out!

Spectacular ticket demand for Maiden was once again so great that the July 13, 2013 show sold out as quickly as the ticket system could handle - record-breaking for this new 50,000-capacity Stockholm stadium. The venue, Friends Arena, has a roof which means that for the first time ever in Sweden, Iron Maiden fans will be able to enjoy the full glory of the entire "Maiden England" show in a dark stadium.

Commented Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson: "It is a great honor to be the first rock band to be announced to play the new national stadium, especially as we have always had a very close connection with your country and have massively enjoyed every visit".

"We were completely overwhelmed by the reaction from our North American fans to the 'Maiden England' tour, which was our most extensive tour there for many years. We had a lot of fun playing the older songs and the fans seemed to love the set list and Eddie's various incarnations! The band can't wait to bring this show to our Swedish fans".

Added Maiden bassist Steve Harris: "'The Final Frontier' show in Ullevi last year was magic, along with the very warm reception we recieved from our friends in Sweden. It's terrific to return next year, especially playing in the new national stadium for the first time. This time round we will be playing the older songs and think our fans will enjoy this just as much!"

He added, "We know how popular the 'History Of Maiden' tours are with fans of all ages and we will be taking with us the full production we had in North America. We had a huge amount of fun with the set list as we got to play songs we had not played in a very long time like 'Seventh Son', 'The Prisoner' and 'Afraid To Shoot Strangers', as well as fan favorites like 'The Trooper', 'Aces High', 'The Number Of The Beast', 'Wasted Years' and 'Run To The Hills'. The opening leg of the tour was so enjoyable for the whole band, we're really looking forward to taking it to our fans around Europe and, as always, greatly looking forward to the Swedish show".

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    Of course its gonna sell out in record time. Its theyre only nostalgic trip through Europe (apart from Download ). This pisses me off cause Im not old enough to have seen their sets in the 80's and I ve seen them over 9 times. Missed them in 2008 (Somewhere back in time tour) cause of family committments. And I was mega pissed that this setlist has an only North American tour. Please Maiden add more European dates!!!
    Somewhere Back in Time was epiiiiic. Rime of the Ancient Mariner kicked my ass.
    I was so glad I got to see mariner live. The entire setlist kicked ass and I know that I will never forget that magical evening.
    Just wait until you see Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son live...the production on that one this year completely blew Rime out of the water. Got my ticket for Stockholm - gonna be heading back to Europe next year for Maiden. As it stands, Stockholm will be my 31st Maiden gig and second in Sweden (Though I'd plan on either Norway or Finland probably being before Sweden...)
    Rob E
    Of course they are going to add more dates...this is how Maiden does it - drip feeding one or two at a time, making it difficult to plan which one/ones to go to I love Maiden but i hate the way they announce tour dates.
    These guys give one hell of a show. Iron Maiden and Rush and The Cure never disaapoint and always satisfy.
    Maiden are just so ridiculously awesome. Whatever the setlist, there's always something to make the audience go absolutely berserk. Up the Irons!