Iron Maiden to Host Their Own Festival?

"I think it would be great to do a Maiden Fest," says drummer Nicko McBrain.

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Following last Friday's (September 13) massive San Bernardino performance, stories of Iron Maiden hosting their own festival began circulating the media, as drummer Nicko McBrain seems very much up for the idea.

Apart from the iconic Maiden headliners, the "Battle of San Bernardino" also featured thrash legends Megadeth, Testament, Anthrax, Sabaton, Overkill and Warbringer, truly turning the event into a fest.

When asked by the Press Enterprise on the festival idea, McBrain replied, "You never know, you just never know in this game. I think it would be great to do a Maiden Fest."

As for the Maiden England tour, Nicko decided to share a few setlist changes that made the trek all the more unique.

"We dusted the cobwebs off of 'Phantom of the Opera' - we hadn't played that in about five or six years," he said. "The one that really gets me is 'Seventh Son of a Seventh Son.' It's a very tricky song to play. It's got a lot of different moves and moods in it. That one I find really hard but challenging, and it's really great to play because it's a stunning piece of music."

The drummer also praised Megadeth's San Bernardino performance. "They've got a great show," he stated. "They've got these wonderful Jumbotron tellies and screens and they're sounding really, really good."

How does the idea of a Maiden Fest sound to you? It seems as if the band just might actually do it, so post your comments, share this story and help get the ball rolling.

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    It would be awesome. But if it happens it should be in their home country as I'd love to see them, not South America.
    South america has the craziest crowds, I guess that's more rewarding for bands, instead of playing in front of a dead-ass crowd, like some american festivals
    Hope thats the case. We would finally have a good metal fest in the uk. Download has been getting worse and worse over the years, imo
    *Realises iron maiden are on download 2013 lineup...facepalms himself*
    You're not entirely wrong though. The lineups may look good to excite the crowds, but the entire organisational staff need to be fired. They can't hold a festival together, and frequently people lose out on large sums of money for one reason or another. Last years (not mentioning the mud) had a traffic tailback for around 20 miles according to local radios, because there were no measures in place to accommodate for tens of thousands of cars descending on the same area. Even Sonisphere dropped last year. We do need a good new festival.
    Lars Ulrich might sue them for it
    I don't tink he has the balls to do that. Although it would be the next worst step in deconstructing the Metallica legend, right after leaving out solos for an entire album and demanding more money from your fans, eventhough you're already a milionair. But more on topic: A festival by Iron Maiden would be great!
    About time. Gonna be cool, especially if the name "Maiden Fest" holds what it promises. ;
    Hopefully, if Sabbath still plays live years from now, they aren't invited. During Ozzfest one year where Maiden was co-headlining, Dickenson went on a lengthy tirade about Ozzy only being famous because of his reality show. This prompted Sharon Osbourne to not only shut off the stage power in the middle of the Maiden set, but also hit the stage with a microphone and ripped Bruce to shreds after their set. Cuz, that's what you do at a festival, right?!? I have a sneaky suspicion Bruce has been foaming for retribution for years since that incident. Who knows who was in the right initially that evening, but damn did it make for an awkward night and unnecessarily pitted Maiden against Sabbath fans because a tiff between Bruce and a chick whom isn't even in Black Sabbath. Wild night!
    Absolutely down for this!!! saw them with Megadeth two weeks ago. Killer show. Up The Irons !!! \m/
    Basically this is the first Maiden Fest, or the Inspiration for it, and Im Glad I was Part of It!
    Ah, 'twas a great show. "Maiden Fest" could be awesome, depending on the lineup.
    That line up looks awesome. I live in the UK and I had to get an Overkill CD imported from the states as they don't do it over here anymore. I'd ****ing love to see them live!
    Saw them for the first time here in Vegas. It was the best concert I have been to so far. My cousin was visiting from out the country so me and my brother bought her a ticket for 250 bucks so she could see them and it was totally worth it. I hope they come back soon.
    Sounds great! I think they should add one more thrash metal legends - Artillery - for making a totally ultimate show!
    Bring this to europe this is the best line up i have ever seen!!!!. Iron maiden and good old Thrash metal.