Iron Maiden Tops Hot Tours Chart

Band beats Taylor Swift in Billboard chart.

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Iron Maiden has topped this week's Billboard hot tours chart, beating pop acts such as Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber, as well as established rock acts including Bob Dylan and Pearl Jam. Maiden made $19 million from 13 shows in seven countries. The band was followed by Taylor Swift, who made $18.2 million from three U.S stadium shows.

Also on the high earners list this week was Cirque Du Soleil's Michael Jackson tribute show the Immortal World Tour, which made over $2 million from a run of shows in Seoul.

The full Billboard Top 10 Hot Tour list is:

1. Iron Maiden, $19, 007, 265, May 29-July 13 2. Taylor Swift, $18, 210, 864, July 6-20 3. Justin Bieber, $5, 673, 568, July 12-18 4. Michael Jackson: the Immortal World Tour, $3, 234, 710, July 10-14 5. Blake Shelton, $1, 902, 151, July 19-21 6. Bob Dylan, $960, 053, July 10 7. Bruno Mars, $881, 513, July 14 8. Life in Colour, $671, 281, July 12-13 9. Pearl Jam, $635, 515, July 16 10. Brad Paisley, $602, 446, July 12

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    "Band beats Taylor Swift" I was only half paying attention when I read this. My first thought was..."Hey! I hope there's a video to go with that!"
    So ****ing deserved. If you haven't seen Maiden yet and have the chance to (on this tour especially) do yourself a major favor and go. Probably the best concert I've ever attended.
    Taylor Swift played 3 shows and made 18 Million? whowhatwhenwherewhykillselfkthxbai
    Lets just hope they have a better sound than what they had at Download this year! I love Maiden and they were really tight as a band but their sound was just appalling! I'd say easily 35% quieter compared to Slipknot and Rammstein that weekend.
    I'm not sure (and I'm not being sarcastic. It's hard to judge my tone from my typing), but do you think it might have something to do with it being a festival as opposed to their own gig? Do they use their own equipment for PA and lights etc, or do the managers for the specific festival take charge of that stuff? I've seen Maiden in 83, then many times since. Their sound was great except one time Bruce was struggling on vocals, but man they rock!
    It was very windy during the start of their Download set, this usually affects how the sound carries in Donington land as best I know. Nothing wrong with how they sounded, and the wind subsided quickly enough. They were bang on, as a band
    lots of people said that, I didt get to go personally, ****ing exams.., but some diehard maiden fans went and said their performance was pretty poor in comparison to many of the other acts, especially 'stein and slipknot
    That's unfortunate. Maiden is very good live, and wow, they work hard to please the crowd. And I love their music so much. Eddie has always done his job well
    The sound was poor and very quiet that day, but these things do happen at festivals unfortunately.
    It was crosswind ****ing up the volume, though did you hear Alice In Chains' sound? It was perfect.
    Well done Maiden! You beat out a *****, a swagfag, and a dead guy who was bigger than you in the 80s.
    Taylor Swift did 3 shows.. Iron Maiden did 13 shows and only just beat her. And alot of the others only did the one show. So its not really much of a competition list really
    Maiden don't charge more than 50-60 for tickets, I'm pretty sure Taylor Swift's ones are astronomically high