Iron Maiden Tops Hot Tours Chart

artist: Iron Maiden date: 07/29/2013 category: general music news

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Iron Maiden Tops Hot Tours Chart
Iron Maiden has topped this week's Billboard hot tours chart, beating pop acts such as Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber, as well as established rock acts including Bob Dylan and Pearl Jam. Maiden made $19 million from 13 shows in seven countries. The band was followed by Taylor Swift, who made $18.2 million from three U.S stadium shows.

Also on the high earners list this week was Cirque Du Soleil's Michael Jackson tribute show the Immortal World Tour, which made over $2 million from a run of shows in Seoul.

The full Billboard Top 10 Hot Tour list is:

1. Iron Maiden, $19, 007, 265, May 29-July 13 2. Taylor Swift, $18, 210, 864, July 6-20 3. Justin Bieber, $5, 673, 568, July 12-18 4. Michael Jackson: the Immortal World Tour, $3, 234, 710, July 10-14 5. Blake Shelton, $1, 902, 151, July 19-21 6. Bob Dylan, $960, 053, July 10 7. Bruno Mars, $881, 513, July 14 8. Life in Colour, $671, 281, July 12-13 9. Pearl Jam, $635, 515, July 16 10. Brad Paisley, $602, 446, July 12
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