Iron Maiden Turning Piracy Into Profit, Report Suggests

Metal icons ranked among 1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain.

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Heavy metal icons Iron Maiden were officially ranked among the companies that are helping drive UK into economic recovery, easily finding their spot on the recently published 1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain list. As Guardian notes, an interesting part of the report suggests that Maiden are actually taking online piracy into their advantage, ultimately resulting in profit for the company. "Iron Maiden's BitTorrent data suggests Brazil is a huge driver of fans - and given Brazil is one of the biggest file sharing nations on the planet, this is a strong indicator of popularity," said Musicmetric CEO and co-founder Greg Mead. "With their constant touring, [the] report suggests Maiden have been rather successful in turning free file-sharing into fee-paying fans," Mead explains. "This is clear proof that taking a global approach to live touring can pay off, and that having the data to track where your fan bases lie will become ever more vital." Iron Maiden LLP have indeed been quite busy over the years, launching a vast array of signature products, including a recently unleashed Trooper beer. Singer Bruce Dickinson's reputation as the Jack of all trades became a thing of legend, along with his business-savvy work approach. "Over the last few years the biggest blue-chip companies have in fact produced very few net jobs, that jobs recovery has come from small- and medium-sized companies," said Tom Gilbert from London Stock Exchange. The rest of the list includes the likes of Scottish brewery BrewDog and online printer Moonpig.

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    This great news, but I can't see any bands who aren't pre-digital age success stories achieving this anytime soon.
    These older bands need to bring the up and comers on these big tours with them to keep the momentum going for rock/metal and so on and so forth. That might be the key and hopefully it snow balls for the new guys to take the reigns. But at the same time, I understand these bands are competing for everyone's dollar. Now, if only there was a way for new bands to get noticed.
    I've seen Maiden around 30-40 times in the last 30 years , most of the time Maiden fans don't have any time for the support bands , Anthrax , Wolfsbane and a few others went down well , Funeral for a Friend got treat like shit by the fans , Maiden fans generally are there for Maiden , it takes a special kind of band to win a Maiden audience over , plenty of them around , I hope Rod digs them out coz we are going to end up with the biggest bands playing clubs when their jobs permit .
    When was the last time you bought the album of the opening act? In all honesty, I think the bands chosen to tour with big bands are picked because they are so bad, they make the main act sound even better. Two words: Melt Banana.
    That's part of the point I was making. They need to bring the best bands on world tours with them, but they probably don't because it's a competition for your attention and your $$. Re-read my post it's all there.
    Problem is, at the end of the day, it's still a popularity contest. Think of it this way - which band does Iron Maiden decide to take with them? Hmmm, what smaller bands would they have heard of... probably a band like Mastodon or Exodus... which they already DID tour with. If they get even smaller, how are they going to tell which ones are good? What if they get Asking Alexandria? The alternative is put it up to a vote... in which case Slipknot's just gonna win. There is no clear indication of a good band to tour with or which band needs/deserves it most. Iron Maiden can't really help out anybody who is super small and that's the sad part... small bands are just infinitely screwed, and I should know because I'm in a small band, one that I think is actually really good.
    It was a while ago (though, I don't go to many big-name concerts these days, so it's still only around 5-6 shows ago), but Joe Satriani and Dream Theater were co-headlining with an unknown-to-me band opening for them by the name of King's X. Had no idea who they were, but I ended up buying nearly every album they had within a couple months of the show.
    So true, there is a definite need for a distribution system where young and aspiring artists can make profit of their work while reaching an interested audience.
    I think that a lot of younger bands need to cut the bullshit and get back to making some good music.
    True! If there was some good rock albums released I'd buy them all on CD (or LP). But sadly there isn't so my 500+ collection hasn't been added to much in the last decade. So sad
    Okay... Because bands are intentionally deciding to make something below par.. jerb
    it was always hard to make it.... i think article is just more of a reminder for other bands "there are other parts of the world to tour"..... vast majority of the band are affraid to tour outside "western" countries..... best example: Depeche Mode in US, filling medium arenas, but selling out stadiums of 30k in eastern europe countries
    Maybe so, but upcoming bands are not going be profiting from piracy. I can understand why Maiden may be though.
    "Iron Maiden Turning Piracy Into Profit, Report Suggests" What do you expect? It's Iron f*cking Maiden. Up the Irons!
    Well it's the lower bands' idealistic approach to give their music away for free at the start so more people can hear them and take notice. Anyone can listen to music for free but no-one will pay to hear something from a band they've never heard before. They make fanbases through that, then they can tour to those fans and make money through live performances like Maiden, obviously though on a smaller scale
    Do you really think small bands make money from touring? It's expensive as hell.
    Do you think it's possible to get paid off CD sales?
    Maybe through Bandcamp or by running your own label. But the profits from selling your CDs through a label on Amazon are miniscule. I'm not saying it's impossible to make money from being in a band, but you have to be creative about it and most of your income probably will come from merch (of course, many venues want a cut of merch sales now so good luck with that.)
    Venues that want a cut of merch sales? I've never heard of this, but if that's really a thing, I would never agree to terms like that. It's literally just like saying "Yeah we want more money from you. I understand that merch sales have absolutely nothing to do with the venue itself, but we want the money made from that too."
    Sure these guys can turn everything into gold - they are Iron Maiden, the most awesome band in the universe!
    This is genius but only works because they're Iron Maiden. It's a good point though cause newer bands are going to have to find ways around pirating. Music piracy isn't going to disappear anytime soon
    Dear music fans - look for new bands, find new bands, listen to new bands, buy merch from new bands, go see new bands live. If everybody did this then the musician's financial crisis would be over. And before someone calls me a hypocrite, I will go ahead and say that I am a hypocrite... but that at least I'm trying... of all of the bands that I listen to that are still around, a good 90% or higher I own CDs and have seen them live. And I am not rich. I have to travel a good 6 hours to see some of these bands live.
    Gee Halen
    Mmmmmkay... so you're saying downloading the more stuff brings you more concerts near you. I'm in.
    On another subject, is that beer any good? I can't get it here in Canada
    Not particularly - The Trooper ale is pretty standard dark stuff. Better off enjoying a Hobgoblin or Black Sheep in ones humble opinion. On a side note. Iron Maiden rules. OK.
    Are you reading this Lars Ulrich? lol
    Lars has said that he now regrets that decision and realized it was a misstep and ignorance on his behalf I believe.
    Really? Didn't know that. It was a stupid thing to do in the first place. I know a lot of people who have downloaded albums from bands who they have never heard before. They've liked them and then gone on and bought their CD's
    I think this is a "veteran boomers" problem more than anything else. So many of the founding acts in the genre are still around. People only have so much time to devote to music. Case in point, was "13" the bext metal album of 2013? No, there were albums by bands you never heard of that are far superior. But because it was released by Sabbath, it got listened to. I think this problem will disappear by 2020, when the Maiden, Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, etc's of the world cede the stage. The problem is, who replaces them?
    Now time for me to drive to Brazil. I'll just use all the funds I got from CD sales.....
    You should be lucky when you have a new band and someone cares to illegaly download your music. It means you have a fanbase and at least some people actually like what you do.
    "You should be lucky when you have a new band and people actually like what you do" That much I'll agree with, all bands, no matter how big or small, should appreciate fans. BUT, these new bands will get nowhere if these so-called fans do nothing to financially support them.
    Yes, you should feel lucky that you have a fan base that wants nothing more than to steal from you because they love you so much…….
    Making music isn't for making money. Especially in modern times. Open your eyes. If you need money, get a ****ing job! Only make music if you have a passion to make music, this will prevent people who are just trying to make a buck from making music, maybe even as a result, one day the only people who make music would be passionate musicians... imagine that lol
    I really Can NOT believe it has taken the world SOOOO LONG to figure this out!!!!! Bruce is an incredibly smart man I they have been doing this for quite a while. Other artist like Joss Stone also know this. Even I figure it out YEARS AGO!!!! Now its time that other band learn the "worst kept secret ever" and we can ALL have awesome shows everywhere
    How is a medium-sized European/Asian/North American band going to be able to afford going to South America without people funding it by buying CD's? The reason this works for Iron Maiden is because they have legions of fans everywhere they go who buy their stuff. Going on tour is not cheap
    Brazil loves Maiden, so Maiden is profitable? Isn't Brazil broke as a joke? lol
    big bands -no opening act.why why do they need an opeing act.and I hate any concert with 3 bands the worst
    That about newer bands not being able to do the same isnt necissarily true. Im sure bands like Avenged Sevenfold have much larger, more global fan bases that buy tickets and death bat crap due to all the music they have downloaded due to piracy. The big thing is creating an Icon or a brand to distinguish yourselves, then after gaining popularity, not even huge popularity, your concerts will sell out, and merch flies of shelves, due in part to people being able to listen to more music from their favorites and spreading it amongst each other.