Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson To Pilot Icelandic Express Flights

artist: Bruce Dickinson date: 05/12/2011 category: music news

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Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson To Pilot Icelandic Express Flights
CBC News is reporting that Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson will be taking to the skies as a pilot for commercial airliner Iceland Express this summer. The airliner is leasing Iron Maiden's customized Boeing 747 "Ed Force One" beginning in June, and Dickinson, who holds a commercial pilot's license, will be in the cockpit for some of its flights. The plane will maintain the Iron Maiden logos and decals adorning it, making for an interesting sight for passengers watching it pull up to the terminal gate. A book documenting the band's travels in the unique aircraft, tentatively titled "On Board Flight 666", is set to be published later this year by Orion Books. The book will consist primarily of photographs taken on board "Ed Force One" by the band's photographer John McMurtrie. McMurtrie has been collecting photographs for the book since the band first took to the skies in the customized Boeing in 2008, documenting the band''s travels for both the Somewhere Back In Time and Final Frontier tours. Iron Maiden is currently on the second leg of their "Final Frontier" world tour. Called the "Round The World In 66 Days" Tour, the British rockers will make their way across Europe this June before playing a string of shows in the UK in late July.
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