Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson: We're Better Than Metallica'

Metallica fans may run to the hills after they hear the bold declaration made by Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson.

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Metallica fans may run to the hills after they hear the bold declaration made by Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson. Speaking with Metal Hammer magazine, the erstwhile Astraeus airline pilot stood behind a recent boast that his band was better than a certain Big Four headliner.

"You've just got to have a sense of fearlessness," Dickinson said. "I got into trouble for saying that we're better than Metallica and, it's true! They might be bigger than us and they might sell more tickets than us and they might get more gold-plated middle-class bourgeoisie turning up to their shows but they're not Maiden. I did say it's a bit of a wind-up. I thought, if I'm going to turn into an (expletive), I might as well, you know, go for it!"

Meanwhile, Iron Maiden released the greatest hits collection, From Fear to Eternity: The Best of 1990-2010, yesterday. A trailer for the two-disc set was posted online yesterday.

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    its a matter of opinion. However i dont think that heavy metal stars should go and talk shit about eachother
    metallica144 wrote: i personally like metallica way more, but i'd say that Maiden still wins.
    haha what??
    Dick move by Bruce. Lars Ulrich has stated several times that Maiden is his biggest inspiration, he even said: "Iron Maiden is the blueprint for everything that we do." Yes, in my opinion, Maiden is better, but there's no need for Bruce to pick on his fans.
    Why would Dickinson say this????
    Yeah, I don't get it. Maybe he was drunk or something. I love both bands, seen them live, but Metallica is №1 for me.
    couldnt care less, i like both bands. But bruce is looking like a real ass with these comments...
    Leather Sleeves
    Its all about the publicity, Bruce is just a wind-bag. I don't think I'd prefer one to the other, they're just awesome in different ways... (btw, its not "Maiden's better", its "IMO... ect").
    Metallica have done more for music and inspiring other to pick up instruments and start bands.
    Phoenix Reborn
    Aw be trollin It seem like ever since they started touring last year that Bruce has become a bit of a...well...ass kinda. I love him for the performances he gives and his song writing talent. But he has become a little self-ritous. Rant aside I'm afraid I agree with him. Love both bands but Maiden beats out Metallica. Maiden has seniority, Maiden has gone through countless line-up changes and still put out great music, and they've never been afraid to try new things. Metallica, I still love you guys. But I'm afraid if I had to choose between seeing you or Maiden live I'd go for Eddy. Though those pyrotechnics are crazy
    von gelb
    SlackusMaximus wrote: Metallica have done more for music and inspiring other to pick up instruments and start bands.
    And Iron Maiden inspired Metallica to pick up their guitars...
    I gottta say! Maiden are a far better band than Metallica! But yeah, Metallica`s music are a work of art, that is, their greatest hits, like one, fade to black, master of puppets. In the other hand, All Maiden albums are great, all! Without Exception!
    and well, it depends on your view of Maiden and Metallica! It is a fan war! That`s why people say shit to get more attention! If u pay attention to those things then it will affect u! I go with Maiden but yeah! I really dont care what they say about each other, just keep making great music guys! Both Maiden and Metallica! I want to see another Metallica album!
    It's all personal preference. Iron Maiden is better.... to the people who think that. I don't like them... I think Metallica is a lot easier to listen to. So in my little world, Metallica is better. I hate it when people dub their opinion to be fact. Their such... Mo's! lol
    Goddamn! Well Bruce is my idol, but that comment was QUITE arrogant. Though majority of the comments here are in regards to that, so I'll talk about something else. What I have to say regards both the stars and the fans: STOP ARGUING ABOUT WHO'S THE BETTER BAND!! Seriously, rock and metal are two of the most wonderful things ever to show up in the world, and the global community that formed below that is also fantastic. So do we have to make all that look so bad with these stupid arguments among ourselves? Can't we just be happy to be united under our general love of rock and metal?? (lol I feel so corny, but someone had to say it!)
    No,people,it is NOT a matter of opinion.Opinion has to do with taste,which in this case is irrelevant.The technicality of Maiden is simply superior.If they wanted to,they could play Metallica songs 10 times better than Metallica does.The instrumental is by far more complex (if you don't trust me,listen to any non Garage Inc. Metallica song and then to a Maiden track) and Maiden tells epic stories,they express something.Not to mention that Metallica got pissed drunk and even forgot how to hold the instruments on stage numerous times.Maiden never did...and if they did,no one noticed (which makes them even more awesome).I'm no fan boy,but I DO have an argument.
    John Lennon said the beatles were more popular than Jesus Christ...and we are talking about this???? haha
    robbit wrote: Maiden is much better than the big 4. Combined. Multiplied.
    Hell, no. Slayer and Megadeth kick the shit out of Iron Maiden. But for God's sake, why are you comparing two different types of music?
    I'd have to say that Iron Maiden is better than Metallica's current lineup, but not than their original lineup, but let's be honest Metallica's creativity has been steadily going downhill since the 90's the black album was their last good one.
    Iron Maiden and Metallica have been making statements like this for years.... The endings to last caress/green hell, and Maidens Space Station No 5
    I will fear entering this later on. Oh my God. In any case, I am not going to say who's better than who, but I am going to put out there that I personally prefer Metallica.
    "They might be bigger than us and they might sell more tickets than us" Ok then Brucey, I think the general opinion would be then, that they are better than you. I honestly think Iron Maiden's music is horrible. I can count on one hand the number of songs by them I like. I've heard alot of people say they were the last true heavy metal band. Ya, they killed the (sub) genre. Give me true heavy metal any day, please.
    So he not only called out the band, but also their fans. What exactly is he referring to when he calls Metallica fans 'gold plated' middle class. Last I checked, Maiden tix were just as expensive. Just saying.
    Well, he's a bit of a conceited douche for having said that, but I have to agree with him. Even today, Maiden's newer works hold up stronger than Metallica's. As for the old stuff, that might be difficult to judge...
    SlackusMaximus wrote: Metallica have done more for music and inspiring other to pick up instruments and start bands.
    True, but Steve Harris on Bass inspired ME to play that instrument. His style is unbelievable. not to say that Metallica hasn't had their share of good bassists of course.
    I grew up with metal. Starting with Metallica. I heard the first 5 albums and it changed my life. I herad Iron maiden and I loved them too. ALTHOUGH, when you look back at history Iron Maiden's music as a whole did not do what Metallica did. Metallica changed metal and helped create new bands by inspiring them to not care what others think and do what they know best. When you think of metal what do you think back to? Metallica. First song you will most likely think of is Master of Puppets. Not Run to the Hills. Live Maiden is awesome. Their guitarists and their bass player are phenomenal and do things that Hetfield and Kirk never did because that is what makes Maiden, Maiden and Metallica, Metallica. As far as the bands from an inspirational stand point Metallica beats them by far and when you've listened to and loved (if your a metal fan and a Metallica fan) their older music, see them live, and experience it for yourself more than likely you would pick Metallica over them. Looking back at Hetfield's history and even Lars' history (him being the outspoken person he is) they have never said anything like what Bruce just said. When they play live they are always praising the bands that play ahead of them. They admire present metal bands. I know it is very political but Iron Maiden was not inducted into the Hall of Fame. That means their fan base is most definitely not as big. Metallica is more raw and powerful and Maiden is a completely different style of metal that takes direct inspiration from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. (which was not thrash by the way) So it all comes down to taste in metal but I have to disagree with Bruce. Metallica is like the Red sox: Were once a powerhouse and changed the game but now they kind of struggle but their fans are die hard and love them regardless. Maiden is like the Yankees: just because they have been consistant gives the fans an argument to say they are better. It comes down to who you like more. I personally choose Metallica. I own all their albums. love all their albums. As a musician find value in all of them and I will cherish it. Iron maiden...not so much although they are great anyway. My personality leans towards metallica. BUT think about this, they both are great bands even when comparing every genre most of us can agree that they are legends...both are metal bands. Long live metal.
    qrEE wrote: Metallica ripped off many bands, including Iron Maiden, from their early days on. The big songs that made them famous are rip off songs - "One" rips off "Darkness Descends" by Dark Angel, which I might add is a far better band than Metallica. And Enter Sandman rips off "Tapping Into the Emotional Void" by Excel. Iron Maiden was made big off of the songs "Number of the Beast", "Run to the Hills", "The Trooper", "Flight of Icarus", "2 Minutes to Midnight" and "Aces High". Bu the time of that tour, they were PAST huge. How many of those are rip offs? I can't find ANY songs they are ripping off. However, before someone says "they ripped off their own songs because every song sounds the same!" First off, NO, because you need to hear "No Prayer for the Dying", which is a radical departure from their original sound. Secondly, NO. Just because a band uses the same scale does not mean they are ripping themselves off by recycling material. The reality is, their music is far different from song to song if you take the time to analyze, which I DOUBT anyone does for any music these days. I'd also like to note that "Master of Puppets" ripped off "Phantom of the Opera" in multiple ways. First off, both of the songs have a "slow down emotional section", and both songs have the same notation used to BARELY different effect in the part that's slowed down. When James and Kirk do that harmony section, it's a rip off of Dave and Dennis' harmony section which makes up the most memorable part of the song, the part where the bass is playing along in a similar fashion to them. Bottom line, Metallica did not become huge because of their influence or originality. They weren't original, and the biggest influence on modern metal was MERCYFUL FATE, as they had influenced Metallica, Megadeth, Exodus (might I add, the founders of true Thrash Metal), Slayer, DEATH (huge influence on Death Metal, being the founders of it), Possessed, and all of Black Metal, and a huge amount of Power Metal too. Mercyful Fate is number one in terms of influence. Originality goes to Black Sabbath. Better band between Iron Maiden and Metallica? I still vote Iron Maiden, because despite everything else, Iron Maiden still DESERVES THEIR NAME. Meanwhile, Metallica needs to be changed to "Rockica" or "Therapica", because they really suck now.
    You're no better than Bruce. You pick out three songs of their first five albums and say that they are not an original band? Do you have no respect for their early work? Just get out. Metallica is legendary. As is the other bands you mentioned. Metallica still stands apart from all the others. Check your opinion and tone yourself down.
    Sorry for the triple post but when you said that metallica ripped off iron maiden and then gave examples of songs that were ripped off of other bands that weren't iron maiden you negated your argument. give a list of songs that metallica ripped off of them and well see how your almighty opinion stands.
    jerrystar wrote: its a matter of opinion. However i dont think that heavy metal stars should go and talk shit about eachother
    True, it'll be like Megadeth vs. Metallica all over again... but even moreso, since Maiden is probably a much bigger band than Megadeth.
    imbaguitar wrote: They are so different its like saying Mozart is better than Bieber. Who gives a ****. All we know is that hes cocky or just trying to get some hype...
    bad....bad...sickening example. Even though Mozart is different to bieber...Mozart was an actual lost me.
    you know i hate to point this out, but bruce DOESNT sing, he talks and changes the pitch, at least james can sing
    I like both bands, I lean towards Metallica personally. I also think that holds even more water for the fact that you never see Metallica saying they're better than Maiden or any similar comments. For me, public egotistical comments like this really bring down a band's reputation. Especially when he backs it up later.
    It's very rude of Bruce to knock a band that openly says how much they are influenced by Maiden, and would (probably) say that they agree Maiden is better. Bashing a fellow Metal band isin't right, especially given it's a genre that gets so much hate to begin with. But I do understand why Bruce is butt-hurt about it all...Metallica is more commercially succesful and is more known outside the metal world. I don't think that's how it should be, and Bruce probably feels the same way. Not to say this justifies Bruce, but I don't think he was trying to attack Metallica personally, just that Metallica is more succesful commercially.
    K33nbl4d3 wrote: What's the argument here? Bruce is right!
    It's all a matter of opinion and taste. Stop putting in your own opinion as truth. OT, both bands are awesome. Why don't we all just get along and enjoy their music?
    metallica was influenced by iron maiden... i love both bands, but i must agree. iron maiden stuck to its roots throughout the history of the band, while metallica became an alternative metal band. everyone has their own personal opinions, but bruce really needs to watch what he is saying.
    For those of you who don't know: Bruce does these types of soundbites all the time. Usually around when a new album is about to drop.
    IMO Bruce is kiding. Just for the record, i prefer Metallica but i love both. I thought americans (most people on UG) would be favorable to Metallica but I see more votes for Maiden here.
    I like both bands but I've gotta say Metallica is more popular. No offense to you Maiden fans.