Iron Maiden's Steve Harris Voted Greatest Metal Bassist

Maiden founder comes out on top in new poll.

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Iron Maiden's Steve Harris has been voted as heavy metal's greatest bassist by Loudwire. Harris was proved victorious after a month long tournament on the site, with his closet opponent being Dream Theater's John Myung. Other musicians who were in the running included Metallica bassists Cliff Burton, Jason Newsted and Rob Trujillo, Black Sabbath's Geezer Butler and the late Paul Gray from Slipknot. Harris' victory comes after speculation that Iron Maiden might follow in Metallica's footsteps and set up their own heavy metal music festival. After the success of the band headlining a massive San Bernardino show back in September that also featured Megadeth, Testament, Anthrax, Sabaton, Overkill and Warbringer, drummer Nicko McBrain speculated that "it would be great to do a Maiden fest." Do you think Harris' victory was deserved? Or would you have voted someone else into first place? Let us know in the comments.

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    I've hated every poll they've had so far, but I'm really ok with this one. Steve Harris is an absolutely phenomenal bassist. Myung is freaking awesome as well. I think Alex Webster should've made it farther than he did, but the Greatest Metal Bassist competition was WAY better than the Greatest Metal Guitarist and Greatest Metal Drummer competition.
    Darth Crow
    Definately... when I saw that Jordinson won the best drummer, I thought I was going to be sick. As for bass players, I like Myung more, but one can hardly argue with this result, Harris is a living legend...
    So glad to see this. Steve is a f**king bass God. It's hard to find a single bassist not inspired by him. And don't get me started on his songwriting skills...
    Ok i'm sorry Paul Gray with all due respect should not be mentioned...can anyone show me a reason why he should?? honestly I think he's overly praised just cause he's dead.
    "with his closet opponent being Dream Theater's John Myung" Don't be sad, Myung, be yourself. People can be homophobes sometimes, but...
    Hey, no problem. Not like Les Claypool isn't the most badass bass player around, or even at least one of them.
    I'm not saying he should have won, but I feel like David Ellefson should have been in the discussion too
    They got it right, Steve is great.Cliff would be number one if he had lived a little longer, the world missed out on Cliff he was something special. Why is Paul Grey even talked about he was as average as average can be, sorry.
    Right, Cliff would have been in a league of his own if he lasted even a few more albums longer.
    Steve Harris is great. He was the first in my "Second group" of influences. Geddy, JPJ and Geezer were my oldest favs. Somehow--maybe because he is more my style--I have an easier time playing Maiden Bass lines than I do playing some of Cliff's or Justin's (Vicarious is a b****h with the digital whammy, etc).
    Justin is good...but he is like the Tom Morello of bass players. Super talented, but is almost reliant on effects. Which isn't a bad thing, but the most memorable riffs he makes are natural and usually don't deal with effects. It's almost habitual his usage of bass effects.
    What?....No Les Claypool?
    Greatest METAL bassist. Les isn't metal.
    He Covered Metallica....It
    Brandon1993 it doesn't. I mean if he was IN Metallica he'd be a metal bassist. But at the moment hes about as Metal as RHCP.
    I like Steve Harris, but I honestly think Cliff Burton should've been number one. But keep in mind that I do like Steve Harris too.
    Technically the real battle is between Steve Digiorgio, Ryan Martinie and John Myung. Ability wise these men are the best on the list.
    i did not vote i could not choose between Harris and Cliff.. Iron maiden is my favorite band of all time, but Cliff is a legend.
    Les Claypool, Justin Chancellor, the cannibal corpse bassist...Tosin
    Fans those are supporting bassists like John Myung and Steve Harris.....about them I am very sure that they must have never listened to Tool songs..... Take a advice..listen Lateralus and Schism ....and you will change your mind for sure ..... Just holding a 6 stringer Bass or moving your fingers fastest on guitar doesn't make you great .....