Is Lamb of God's Chris Adler the New Slipknot Drummer?

artist: Lamb of God date: 08/05/2014 category: music news
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Is Lamb of God's Chris Adler the New Slipknot Drummer?
Following the departure of longtime drummer Joey Jordison, Slipknot still haven't announced their new sticksman, but have wrapped up their new album, leaving the crowd tingling about the identity of the mysterious musician.

A juicy rumor has recently surfaced over on Metal Sucks, claiming that Lamb of God's Chris Adler is in fact the man behind the kit on the new tune.

Seeing that Lamb of God are on a hiatus and in somewhat of a financial struggle following singer Randy Blythe's trial, it does make sense for Adler to find another gig, and playing with Slipknot can certainly be lucrative. But an explanation from a user named hotbbq2001 focuses strictly on the drumming aspect. Check it out below.

"OK yes it is all speculative, but hear me out. I've been a Slipknot fan since the first album came out, and a Lamb of God fan since ashes of the wake came out. I'm also a drummer. Not a 'Neal Peart is god Mike Portnoy paradiddles and rudiments!' drummer, I just play drums and I play along to LoG often.

"I've listened to 'The Negative One' several times now, and I'm telling you: that's Chris Adler. The mix sounds just like his tracks from 'Sacrament.' It also sounds like his Black Panther snare. But most of all, there are a lot of 'flam' fills all over the song, VERY typical of what Chris does on almost every LoG song. (Think the intro to 'Forgotten Lost Angels' and the pre-chorus on 'The Faded Line' etc.)

"Again, I could be wrong, but if I’m right, just remember - you heard it here first."

As the same source further indicates, Adler had also played drums with Protest the Hero on their latest album, so side gigs aren't something he's a stranger to. Finally, check out the new Slipknot single and the referenced LoG tracks to let us know if you're hearing what Mr. hotbbq2001 is saying.

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