Is Van Halen Hiding Something?

Former bassist Michael Anthony finds it hard to believe that the band cancelled 31 tour dates simply to have a break - but says the Black Sabbath drama is much worse.

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Former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony is skeptical that the current lineup cancelled the majority of their tour simply to "recharge their batteries".

The band initially dropped 31 tour dates from their website with no explanation, and reports at the time quoted an insider as saying: "They hate each other. The band is arguing like mad."

Three days later, frontman David Lee Roth posted a video to reassure fans that the dates would be rescheduled, and to say the band are "getting along better than ever".

Now comments from the former bassist, who now plays for Chickenfoot, add weight to theories that Roth's video was simply an exercise in public relations. Ironically, the video was titled "Public Relations".

"To me it sounds kinda interesting," Anthony told American Rock Scene. "If you say you're tired and you want to recharge your batteries you don't put 30 shows on sale."

Anthony speculates that it took three days for the band to put out an explanation because it took that long to come up with a story.

Whether there is drama in the Van Halen camp or not, Anthony says it pales in comparison to the Black Sabbath soap opera that has played out in front of fans this year. "I've read three different sides of that story. Ours wasn't as much drama as this."

He continued: "There was some [Van Halen] drama in the 2004 tour, which I don't care to get into. The reason I did it was, I didn't need the money or anything to do it. It was going to be the last Van Halen tour and for me it was the last Van Halen tour.

"There's still drama surrounding the band, I guess."

Anthony says he'd be open to joining Van Halen again, but recognises that Eddie Van Halen's son takes his place in the current lineup. "I was always the never-say-never guy, but I don't really think about it any more. If it's going to happen it's going to happen."

What do you think about the Van Halen cancellations? Is it enough for the band to say they've been postponed due to exhaustion, or is something else happening behind the scenes? Share your theories in the comments.

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    This is why I love Michael Anthony. He can give his opinions without being a total douchebag. For what VH did to him he has the right to be such an ***** back to them. Seems like a nice guy.
    Whoever voted your double comment with ten negatives is only taking note of the butthurt that is seeping from their screens.
    The media should let it go, spinning its wheels on negativity. News flash, the VH bros and dave are not chums, haven't been for decades. However, they have put out a great album in ADKOT and the tour is doing well. Alot of bands have turmoil, vh is not alone in this. Check out aerosmith, the stones, the list goes on and on. As long as the music is good who cares about all the inner band drama.
    On a serious note, seems legit to me. I'd be legitimately surprised if there wasn't infighting by now.
    slapsymcdougal wrote: Eddie found Wolfies porn stash and grounded him; that's why the tour dates were cancelled.
    I find it funny that MIke and Sammy talk so bad about the Van Halen brothers but would both come back to the band in a HEARTBEAT! The Van Halen brothers have not said one bad word in the press about Mikey or Sammy during this tour/new album. Heck if you read the Esquire interview with Eddie, he said that the music he made with Sammy and the music in his vault is was/is awesome. He even left the door open a little about Sammy coming back when he said Sammy might either be on vacation, away to college or gone permenantly. One word of advice to Sammy and Mikey.....leave VAN HALEN ALONE!
    In all the articles related to the VH tour dates that have been pushed out, not canceled, there hasn't been a single mention that the current tour issues might be due to EVH's health issues. Ed might not discuss his cancer and the two recurrences last year but that doesn't mean the press can't. Wake up "journalists" your asleep or drunk at the ****ing type writer again, no surprise. Hey Sam and Mike without Eddie you would both be a couple washed up douche bags by now...oh are and the only reason anyone even mentions you now is because you have Satriani and Chad Smith in your band or iif you have something negative to say about The VAN Halen bros or DLR.
    Mike Anthony is the one hiding something. I've heard from a 'reliable VH source than Mike A. and Sammy Hagar are both homosexuals who were the real reason DLR was never invited back to VH. Hey Mike: you are a bitter old scum.
    I dont give a damn who is singing, wether they are gay or not. No matter who is singing, Van Halen is nothing without Ed. How can they talk so much crap about him?
    @1984redux, either you have the best meds or you're a complete BS artist, either way it's obvious you have no inside source to the VH camp, Michael or Sammy. Your post is libelous and you may be held accountable, but you can use the excuse you had a prefrontal lobotomy and you have good drugs. Michael Anthony and Sammy are good people, fathers and husbands to their wives. For that matter the guys in VH are now in a better place too. Get a life and stop this juvenille crap 1984redux