Is Yoko Ono's Glastonbury Performance the Worst Show Ever?

artist: Yoko Ono date: 07/10/2014 category: music news
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Is Yoko Ono's Glastonbury Performance the Worst Show Ever?
Yoko Ono's recent Glastonbury performance was undoubtedly quite a shocker, receiving massive hate as possibly the worst performance ever, but also getting praised for courage and creativity.

The footage of "Don't Worry, Kyoko" caught a lot of public attention, fetching up to five or even 10 times more views than clips of Metallica, Jack White or Lana Del Rey.

Although her band did a fair job, Yoko's out-of-time, out-of-tune singing is what caused the biggest uproar. We might call it horrid, but it could offend those calling it "a great post modern punk set."

As far as the fan reaction goes, the comments vary from "I maintain that Lennon asked the guy to shoot him" or "If you look closely, their ears are bleeding! Yucko Oh No!" all the way to "Yes! This is amazing! Yoko still has 'it' and the ability to p-ss off folks who prefer their music safe and homogenized. She has pushed through boundaries her entire life, but I guess some folks like to be behind fences."

"This is a great post modern punk set," one of the fans said. "Honestly the little snots complaining about this don't deserve to call themselves Beatles fans because you are boring straights and don't get art. No wonder John hated you."

So check out the footage below and let us know - an atrocity or a brilliant statement agains homogenized music?

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