Is Yoko Ono's Glastonbury Performance the Worst Show Ever?

We'd call it an atrocity, but it might offend those praising the show as "a great post modern punk set." So you tell us.

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Yoko Ono's recent Glastonbury performance was undoubtedly quite a shocker, receiving massive hate as possibly the worst performance ever, but also getting praised for courage and creativity.

The footage of "Don't Worry, Kyoko" caught a lot of public attention, fetching up to five or even 10 times more views than clips of Metallica, Jack White or Lana Del Rey.

Although her band did a fair job, Yoko's out-of-time, out-of-tune singing is what caused the biggest uproar. We might call it horrid, but it could offend those calling it "a great post modern punk set."

As far as the fan reaction goes, the comments vary from "I maintain that Lennon asked the guy to shoot him" or "If you look closely, their ears are bleeding! Yucko Oh No!" all the way to "Yes! This is amazing! Yoko still has 'it' and the ability to p-ss off folks who prefer their music safe and homogenized. She has pushed through boundaries her entire life, but I guess some folks like to be behind fences."

"This is a great post modern punk set," one of the fans said. "Honestly the little snots complaining about this don't deserve to call themselves Beatles fans because you are boring straights and don't get art. No wonder John hated you."

So check out the footage below and let us know - an atrocity or a brilliant statement agains homogenized music?

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    It was kind of groovy until I realised she's actually singing...
    This video, this post, just made me angrier then I was today. I tired and beat from work, I click this sh*t expecting a laugh, but f*ck, I can`t. I just can`t. I`m in shock that this talentless c*nt is allowed to play Glastonbury just because she used to swallowed John Lennon`s load when he was alive. And Metallica gets Glastonbury fan rage? Even if they are sloppy live, they at least sound great! even is it!? A 60 year old hooker gargling balls sounds better! My god, the sound of vaginal lips vibrating after queefing sound in tune compared to her voice! "This is a great post modern punk set".....really you turd? What!? Why don't you go shove poison ivy up your ass, and then swallow rocks, so that when you sh*t the rocks alleviate the pain in your anus! That's f*cking original! Totally not f*cking mainstream! Go ahead, do it before its even popular! People like Yoko and hipster twats just ruin my day. If you`re saying "Don't watch the damn video then", yeah, you`re totally right, I can`t argue with that logic. I apologize for the stupid long rant, but not for Yoko. What!? TLDR? Basically I hate Yoko Ono and Hipsters, they ruin society, blah blah blah, k, thx, bye!
    The only people who were moving along to it like it was good was either: A. A hipster who thinks the music is good because its "different" or they like it just because they think its the "cool" thing to do. B. The people were moving around like it was so great because they are so drugged out off their ass it isn't even funny. This is the only thoughts I have as to why think people thought that this was good.
    replica_ · Jul 10, 2014 05:47 PM
    This is grandma doing Karaoke. Fucking garbage. She has the Lennon connection, so for some people, she could take a shit (you could argue that she did that in the video), and they would praise it as brilliant. Again, ****ing garbage.
    Scott O
    I'm pretty sure I saw her 2 days ago in the alley behind my house at 5:30 am collecting cans.
    Chinese Lou Reed?
    Oliver_White3 You're comparing this thing to Lou Reed? Do you even know what Lou Reed has done in music history? Velvet Underground and Nico???? White Light/White Heat???? Plus just so you know she's Japanese.
    Has no one even noticed Yo La Tengo is her backing band? Thats legendary. But the fact that no one has noticed is probably a sign I should stop coming to UG.
    What's the big deal, a straight groove with her yelling. I'm not saying it's good but if the only music you've ever listened to is Metallica and Linkin Park then the problem lays in you
    Absurdly generic guitar work, awful singing. Yet, people are comparing it to the ****ing Holocaust, which isn't fair. I've heard worse, even from Yoko herself. On the other hand, all the trendies calling that song a masterpiece are simply pretentious ****faces. To sum things up, the whole situation is a bag of shite.
    Yep, in the original you can even see Eric Clapton going what the F***? Like when Chuck Berry was pissed when Yoko did her horrid screams nobody has tolerance for this, and this isn't jazz not even close to fusion derpty derp whoever thinks that is a moron....sorry just had to say that cause it's true whoever thinks this is jazz or any kind of avant-garde music needs to learn a thing or two about music. nuff said
    That was GREAT!!! My sinuses have not been so clear in years! Of course, my ear drums are now wrecked...
    I know the Glastonbury crowd was against James Hetfield hunting, but I'm sure they were wishing he would shoot Yoko after hearing this. I know I am.
    This is kinda what free-form Jazz sounds like. Although I don't like Yoko Ono, I at least respect her for being such a weirdo. Despite all the hate she gets I am convinced she is the ultimate musical troll.
    No that is not in any way or form "free-form" or "avant-garde" jazz. You obviously don't know what in the world you're talking about, the band is not in any way even playing jazz fusion. Sonny Sharrock "Black Woman" is what you're thinking of but that sounds a million times better than yoko's shit vocals, they do banshee but they don't sound godawful.
    Thanks for downvoting me because I spoke truth. This isn't jazz but if you want to think that whatever. Oranges are apples.
    Man! That was wicked! )))) AND NO BOOS from the crowd after it ended!
    "This is a great post modern punk set" F'ing hipsters...
    Hipster Music Logic: If sounds like a cat being blended, its art. If it can be agreed upon by the majority of people as being tastefully artistic, its sell-out conformist music." BZZZZZMMMMRRREEEEEOOOOWWWWWZZZZZ - Hipster No.I (Because Arabic numbers are mainstream)
    Imagine she started the set with "why"? If you don't know the song do yourself and check it on youtube. You will be a bad way. Yoko Ono - Why
    No, no, no. Honestly, I don't understand those guys saying that THIS is art. Are they trying to be genuine? Smarter than the Ono haters? I dunno.This show was awful. Completely horrible. Terrorific. I'd never wonder that something like that could even happen at a festival, even Glastonbury. It really piss me off 'cause it's pretty obvious that Yoko Ono is there because she is Lennon's widow. Her art concept is so awkward and annoying that I can't understand how she has fans, or whatever you call those guys.What about the timing concept? Tuning concept? And the most important question: Why the crowd didn't throw her some rubbish in order to show their concept of "art"?
    "This is a great post modern punk set," one of the fans said. "Honestly the little snots complaining about this don't deserve to call themselves Beatles fans because you are boring straights and don't get art. No wonder John hated you." This statement has won the most stupid internet comment award thus far. Just saying that to be a Beatles fan you have to like this by itself is stupid enough. What the **** is wrong with her voice? She's drunk right?