ISPs To Launch 'Six Strikes' Rule Next Month

If you download content illegally, you might start seeing letters warning you to cut it out before the ISPs cut you offline.

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AT&T will start sending anti-piracy warnings to customers who illegally download content from November 28.

Repeat offenders will be blocked until they complete an online copyright course, according to documents leaked to Torrent Freak.

"In an effort to assist content owners with combating on-line piracy, AT&T will be sending alert e-mails to customers who are identified as having been downloading copyrighted content without authorization from the copyright owner," said the document.

"The reports are made by the content owners and are of IP-addresses that are associated with copyright infringing activities. AT&T will not share any personally identifiable information about its customers with content owners until authorized by the customer or required to do so by law."

Cablevision, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Verizon are believed to be planning similar warning programs with six-strikes from the same date. Mediacom have already revealed a stricter program which will give a lifetime ban to repeat offenders, as previously reported.

The six-strikes concept was pushed by the RIAA who worked with the five major US internet providers to launch the Center for Copyright Information.

Are you concerned about the forthcoming six-strikes rule, or does it just mean you have nothing to worry about until you've already been given several warnings? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    haha I love that those document were leaked through a torrent site.
    I'm glad a lot things are trying to be done to stop illegal downloads. The only good thing about it is the excuses people use to justify illegally downloading music. Just go and buy your damn music. *cue the butthurt downvotes*
    I can't find the music I want by legal means. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a My Dying Bridge album in HMV, or a Sleep album in future shop. Of course, the Bieber fans have no excuse, aside from the feeling of being embarrassed when they walk up to the cashier with the cd.
    This is definitely true here in South Africa - the shops just don't stock the music I want. And on the odd occassion you find something good in the shop, its ridiculously expensive because of import costs.
    Oh no, they really did it this time. Nobody will use a VPN or find another way around it, we're doomed!
    Is it only in the USA then? If so good. I wanna watch The Walking Dead!
    Could give less than a shite about this. If i'm going to buy a $100+ concert ticket to watch the band live, who gives a bollocks about their $10 dollar album? Crying over spilt milk.
    Those corporations were hired to provide a service, its none of their concern what we do with it. I just hope that people realize that they dont have to tolerate that crap and they hire someone else. Maybe an internet provider will stand up to this and a lot of people will hire them.
    I like how they target torrents in general even though torrenting itself isn't illegal, it's the process of torrenting copyrighted material.
    Dangit. I'm on AT&T. Isn't it enough that the service is bad anyways? I understand as a musician myself that downloading music hurts them..... but censoring the internet? Good luck
    The music industry collapsed because of the Class Action lawsuit filed against the RIAA for price fixing in '99. It had nothing to do with illegal file sharing. Look at Itunes and Apple again in court over allegations of Price Fixing. How much money have Apple made from illegal filesharing. The only reason Apple became the powerhouse it is today is because of Ipods and illegal filesharing. All of a sudden this is a problem? The MPAA has no problem utilizing False Advertising to promote their boring Movies to cheat people out of their money. EA and Capcom have no problem squeezing every nickel and dime with DLC content that's already on the disc when purchased. Even if Pirating is curbed, realistically are the prices going to go down? The prices are as low as they've been in a long time. The principles of Supply and Demand dictate the prices are going to go back up, and the rest of us get cheated again like we where throughout the 80s and 90s. Corporate America isn't going to be satisfied until they collapse our entire economy.
    I am glad I am on AOL, they suck so much balls that they will do anything to keep customers, they don't care really what you do if it isn't super illegal as long as you pay. Also I do not live in the USA so I doubt this concerns me.
    I use to pirate to try out new bands till I realized that its a big hurt on the industry. If the record company doesn't make any money why should they sign new bands if their not to make any money? why support bands on tours? why bother with the less popular bands and cut them? Use youtube to test out the band and if you like their material buy it, don't download it and not pay any due to the artist/recording company. just search for the good deals like amazon will sometimes have records for $4.99.
    I wonder what exactly they'll be going after, I imagine largely just torrent downloaders. But what about other forms of sharing? Once torrents are eradicated, just like Kazaa, Limewire, etc were what will be the next form?