Izzy Stradlin Joins GN'R Onstage

The former Gn'R guitarist joined his old frontman Axl on the last night of their Las Vegas residency. See live footage of the show here.

Ultimate Guitar

Izzy Stradlin appeared onstage with his former band Guns N' Roses at the weekend.

They were performing on the final night of the Las Vegas residency. Stradlin appeared and sung the song "14 Years" from "Use Your Illusion II", which you can see in the player below (via Rolling Stone).

It could be good promotion for Stradlin after releasing a new solo single "Baby-Rann" this week.

It's not the first time Stradlin has appeared with his former frontman Axl Rose this year. In May he joined them at their London show. Prior to that, he didn't attend their induction to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, but unlike Axl he accepted the award via a statement.

Meanwhile, we reported yesterday on how a man was allegedly singing the Gn'R song "I Used To Love Her" as he shot his ex-girlfriend.

A court heard that Thomas Willhelm was drunk on cherry vodka and prescription pills when he killed Christine Murray, then his business partner, while singing the lyrics "I used to love her, but had to kill her."

See Izzy Stradlin perform with Guns N' Roses here:

YouTube preview picture

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    Roll on all the boring "Ohmaiigawwdd a reunion!!" comments. Axl's band is Axl's band and Slash has his band with the Conspirators so let's please leave it at that. Cool that Izzy hooked up with Axl though.
    kill it
    wow that guitar solo is technically great but doesn't seem to have anything in common with the song other than being in the same key.
    So much negativity...this has always been one of my favourite Gunner tunes, sounds good!
    Don't worry Ultimate Guitar,its only taken you 4 days since the last show to realize that Izzy had performed with the band. Me played 2 nights with the band on both the 23rd and the 24th. Good to see Izzy a bit more though with the new song and then him performing with GNR.
    14 years is one of my fave guns songs. Seen izzy with guns in 2006. Guns are much better now though, they were on fire this year when I saw them
    They are more entertaining to see now but Axl sounded amazing in 2006.
    New GNR is good. Slash is awesome, but I think it is good that him and Axl parted.
    Izzy being classy, great musician. Largely unknown for being a major songwriter on the best hits of the original GNR.
    Not only do I not care about new GNR one bit, I actually find it hard to care about their old music as well because of how sad they are now.
    I wish the rest of GnR would take a hint from Izzy lose the dumbass avenged sevenfold look. Not to mention tone. Dorks. So far Duff and Izzy have gotten over it enough to jam with Axl. Slash should dump that crappy band he has now and get with it. Nothing he'll ever do will be as great as he could be with GnR. I'd love to hear them pick up where Illusions left off. kill it is right. That solo blows.
    A-****ing-GREED. These ****tards all want to act like they are all hip, as like they are anything but session musicians in Axl's insanity. I bet the pay is good, but if you don't have any control over the band you are in, you are not in the band, you are an employee.
    he joined Axl in Majorca, Spain this summer too, nothing new
    Big fan much? Axl Is the one that won't get over it. And yes it would be killer if they picked up where illusions left off but..... Sigh
    Izzy looks and sounds ****ing GREAT! I have been on a big Izzy kick lately, I have all but played out Dust N Bones and Double Talking Jive. I have this thing for "working man" rhythm guitarists who are great, but reluctant frontman, ala Izzy or Lanegan.
    Axl ounces like it was a jazz concert... Really, everyone from the old band are doing great... from Axl ;]
    This just isn't anything new, he's been playing for years with them onstage, i saw them back in like 2005 or something and he was there. He's just a really chilled out guy and a great rhythm player.
    Anyone know the guitar Izzy's using there? Looks cool as ****, like the man himself