J Mascis Premieres New Song 'Wide Awake,' Featuring Cat Power

The tune is featured on Dinosaur Jr. founder's second solo record, "Tied to a Star."

Ultimate Guitar

J Mascis premiered new song "Wide Awake" taken from his second solo album "Tied to a Star."

The song features Cat Power (aka Charlyn Marshall). According to Consequence of Sound, the song is "a dreamy, mostly-acoustic ballad that plays to the blissful tonalities of both singers' voices." "Tied to a Star" is due out August 26th via Sub Pop.

"Tied to a Star" Tracklist:

01. Me Again
02. Every Morning
03. Heal the Star
04. Wide Awake
05. Stumble
06. And Then
07. Drifter
08. Trailing Off09. Come Down10. Better Plane

Cat Power recently contributed her vocals to Coldplay's song "Wish I Was Here," recorded for Zach Braff's this year's movie of the same name. Earlier this month, Eddie Vedder invited her on stage in Portugal to drink a little wine and perform "Tonight You Belong to Me."

As for J Mascis, read his interview with Ultimate-Guitar.com here.

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    Wow, great song. If the rest of the album is of similar quality it should be pretty awesome.
    Lovely. I've always found his playing pretty amazing and that he has a soothing voice. No idea where to start with Dinosaur Jr. or J. Mascis stuff though.
    Listen to You're Living All Over Me.
    Thanks I will check it out. I think I'm really digging J's solo stuff though. I might actually consider getting this new one. Sounds good to me!