Jack Black Announces Ween Frontman Aaron Freeman's New Band and Debut Single

artist: Ween date: 04/23/2014 category: music news

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Jack Black Announces Ween Frontman Aaron Freeman's New Band and Debut Single
The Black Keys have Mike Tyson, Ween frontman Aaron Freeman has Jack Black. Seemingly continuing the trend of celebrities announcing music releases via social networks, Mr. Black has officially presented Mr. Freeman's new project, elaborately titled Freeman.

"More genius from the master!" Jack shouted via Facebook. "This is Aaron's first ever original post-Ween song. The band is called FREEMAN."

Titled "(For a While) I Couldn't Play My Guitar Like a Man," the song is based around a mellow vibe and slow acoustic strumming. The sobbing, slightly JJ Cale-like singing is interlaced with clever guitar tricks and two catchy solo parts. The master truly is back, so make sure to give this one a spin or two in the player below.

As theĀ official website points out, full album is coming on July 22, stay tuned for more info.

Apart from Freeman on guitar and vocals, the band consists of guitarist Chris Boerner, Brad Cook on bass in the studio and Joe Young handling the four-string during shows, Dave Godowsky on keyboards and Kyle Keegan behind the drum kit.

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