Jack Bruce Says Led Zeppelin Slur Provoked Death Threats

artist: Jack Bruce date: 07/29/2009 category: music news
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Jack Bruce Says Led Zeppelin Slur Provoked Death Threats
Turns out former Cream bassist Jack Bruce severely underestimated the ire he would stir up when he lambasted Led Zeppelin in a Gibson interview last November. Speaking at the time to the press at an awards ceremony, the veteran rocker said Led Zeppelin's O2 Arena reunion gig was "lame," adding that the band was "crap" and that "Cream is ten times the band Led Zeppelin is." Now, in an interview with the East Anglian Daily Times, Bruce reveals that threats against his life were made in the wake of those comments. "It was just a bit of fun and it was blown out of all proportion," he said. "Some Led Zeppelin fans were really angry at me and I had a few death threats they're not likely to find me out here though!" Bruce continued, "People like me tend to forget that with YouTube and Twitter, you can't say anything without it getting around the world. We always used to have a pop at other bands in the old days and that was all it was. It was like I had spoken out against the Queen or something. You obviously can't say anything against Led Zeppelin." Bruce is currently on tour with guitarist Robin Trower and drummer Gary Husband in support of the Seven Moons album he recorded with Trower last year. A new CD, Seven Moons Live, is scheduled for release Aug. 3, to be followed later in the year by a DVD. Further plans call for a follow-up studio album by the group, which Bruce characterizes as a "power trio" in the tradition of his legendary former band. He added that a reunion performance by Cream, who did a run of shows in 2005 at London's Royal Albert Hall and New York's Madison Square Garden, remains a possibility. Thanks for the report to Gibson.com.
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