Jack Osbourne Diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis

artist: Jack Osbourne date: 06/18/2012 category: music news
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Jack Osbourne Diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis
The BBC reports Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have revealed that their son, Jack, has multiple sclerosis (MS). The Osbournes said Jack was diagnosed from tests taken when he lost 60% vision in his right eye earlier this year. He told Hello! that after first feeling angry and upset he has now taken an attitude of "adapt and overcome". MS is an incurable neurological condition that damages the nerves and affects the transfer of messages around the body. Jack, 26, said he had chosen to speak out in order to raise awareness of the condition. He added that the support of his fiancee Lisa Stelly was helping him to stay positive. MS can have a wide range of symptoms, including tiredness, temporary blindness, loss of co-ordination and speech difficulties. It is unpredictable and affects everyone differently. One in five sufferers has a benign form with mild attacks and no permanent disability, while another 15% have a progressive disease that steadily worsens. Osbourne was diagnosed with the condition three weeks after the birth of daughter Pearl, now two months old. "The timing was so bad," he said. "I'd just had a baby, work was going great - I kept thinking: 'Why now?'" Parents Ozzy and Sharon said they were still trying to come to terms with their son's condition. Read more at the BBC here. Thanks for the report to HenneMusic.com.
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