Jack White: 'A Lot of Digital Formats Are Anything but Fail-Safe'

artist: Jack White date: 09/27/2013 category: music news
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Jack White: 'A Lot of Digital Formats Are Anything but Fail-Safe'
Jack White recently touched on the matter of digital versus analog recordings, pointing out that numerous digital formats aren't as bulletproof as many consider them to be. During a chat with the Atlantic, White stated that "a lot of the digital formats in the last 20 years have proven to be anything but fail-safe. The tapes break or the information can't be retrieved." The White Stripes frontman also talked about the days of early phonograph recordings. "There are stories of early phonograph companies taking apart the masters used to press wax discs so they could be sold as roofing shingles," he said. "They didn't think a recording was a document of anything cultural. It was just a way to sell phonographs." While discussing the time long gone by, Jack remembered the stories his mother told him. "My mother was telling me [that] in the '30s when she was a little girl you could go to the department store downtown and there was a sheet music section," he explained. "You could pick out a piece of sheet music and the lady running the section would play it for you on a piano." White is currently busy working on new material with the Dead Weather. The info was revealed back in late August with no further details posted as of yet. So analog or digital? Let us know in the comments. Photo is the courtesy of Alex Rauch.
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