Jack White donates £130,000 to National Recording Preservation Foundation

The charity's aim is to preserve America's radio, music and recorded sound heritage.

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Jack White has donated £130,000 ($200,000) to the National Recording Preservation Foundation, NME reports.

The NRPF is an independent, non-profit, charitable organisation launched in 2011 by the US Congress. Its aim is to support archives, libraries and other cultural institutions committed to preserving America's recorded sounds.

The former White Stripes man is on the board of directors for the charity. His donation will get the project off the ground, its executive director Gerald Seligman said in a statement (via Billboard). "[It] is our first and therefore provides the welcome opportunity to go from talk about the needs and priorities of audio preservation to concerted action.

"With this contribution we can now put up our basic structure, begin enacting the preservation plan and give out our first grants. We're committed to doing that right away, and certainly within the coming months," he said.

Sam Brylawski, the chairman of the National Recording Preservation Board, added that he hopes White's "extraordinarily generous donation inspires many others, especially those in the recording businessrecord companies, artists, songwriters, and othersto follow his lead to help ensure that we are able to preserve and make accessible recent and historical recordings at risk of loss."

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    He also just donated about 200,000 US to a Detroit landmark to pay off its debts. On top of that, he housed Willie Nelson's 80th birthday celebration at Third Man. Plus, all the recording he's been doing lately.
    Jack's the last real hero in terms of carrying old values in music into the new age. The world needs him, even if it doesn't know that yet.
    No UG, no US currency was changed by an American artist to sterling and then back again to dollars to contribute to a US organization. If you would like to explain that to your British readers, put the amount of pounds in parentheses. Or just don't bother, they are smart enough to figure it out on their own. Jack has done a lot lately for preservation efforts. Well done!